MITSUBISHI Generators Container Type
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MITSUBISHI Generators Container Type

Mitsubishi generators container type use advanced sound-absorbing material, through scientific design and advanced technology in the field of acoustics, airflow to achieve the goal that reduces the noise. The CSC certification, in line with international container security convention, ensures shipping directly as a standard container, greatly saving the cost of transportation.


Product Information

Type Low Noise Automation Type
Excitation Mode AC Rotating Exciter
Generator Fuel Tank  8-24hours Fuel Tank
Engine Cummins...
Alternator  Stamford, Leroy Somer....
Generator Type Open, Silent, Enclosed, Trailer, Container
Trademark LEES
Water Tank Temperature 50 Degree
Specification Iron Steel
Origin China



MITSUBISHI Generators Feature

1. Our cooperate with famous diesel engine 

2. Brushless alternator -- Stamford, Leroy Somer...

3. High-quality steel are thickness -- 2MM to 4MM

4. High density sound-absorbing material -- sound insulation, fireproofing

5. New design of turn-back type for air inflow & air outlet which can reduce the noise and advance engine efficiency.

6. Generator set use High-quality steel are thickness canopy -- 2MM to 6MM

7. Generator equipped with 12V/ 24V DC battery with charger, battery connects wire

8. Beautiful & practicably design, Bottom hole for forklift, Water outlet & oil outlet for easy maintenance


Engine Advantages

*Heavy duty diesel engine

*Four stroke, water cooled

*12V and 24V stater and charge alternator

*Cooling radiator and fan

*Maintenance free battery including ract and cable

*Flexible fuel connection hoses and manual oil sump drain valve

*Exhaust silencer


Control System

Control, monitor and protect the Generator Set including:

*High water temperature

*Low oil pressure

*Over and under speed

*Over current

*Under/Over generator voltage

*Start and stop failure

*Low and high battery voltage

*Charge fail

*Emergency stop