CUMMINS Generators 20 To 2250kVA Trailer Type Diesel Power
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LEES Cummins trailer type generators are easy to move and could apply a wide range. Easily moving properties makes them especially suitable for construction sites, road and railway construction and temporary electricity utilization.

The Cummins Engine Company was founded in 1919 by namesake Clessie Cummins, an Indiana mechanic. Cummins are a global leading engine equipment manufacturer, including design, produce and distribute the engines and realted technology of fuel system, control system, intake air treatment, filter system, exhaust treatment and power system, as well as worldwide after~sale service. Cummins sells in approximately 160 countries and territories through a network of more than 600 company~owned and independent distributors and more than 5,000 dealers. There are 34,600 people working in Cummins.

Cummins has invested more than US$ one hundred and forty million. As the biggest investor of Chinese engines industry, Cummins has 8 joint venture and wholly owned manufacture enterprises. Among them, DCEC produce B, C and L series diesel engines, as well as CCEC produce M, N and K series diesel engines. All engines comply with standards of ISO 3046、ISO 4001、ISO 8525、IEC 34-1、GB1105、GB/T 2820、CSH 22-2、VDE 0530 and YD/T 502-2000 and so on.




Benefits of LEES Cummins Trailer Generator:

1. Adopt Cummins engine as power source, which makes generators' performance stable.

2. The genset design is researched and developed by LEES professional team.

3. The unit has the characteristics of high mobility, low center of gravity and safe braking.

4. Beautiful appearance, excellent manufacturing process.

5. Trailer type design has the characteristics of mobile convenient and flexible operation.

6. Genset adopts silent type canopy to ensure good sealing and safety. At the same time, it is used more quietly and comfortably.

7. The unit is equipped with a hand brake, to ensure the safety in driving. Hydraulic support device can guarantee the stability of the trailer units when using.

8. Split maintenance doors design is very convenient for operation, maintenance.


Powered by Cummins (Three phase 230/400V, 1500RPM, 50Hz)
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Control System DIMENSION
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Brand Model STAMFORD LEES Silent Type
LSC22S3 22 20 18 16 CUMMINS 4B3.9-G1 PI 144D LA 184E DSE7320 2290x1060x1680  
LSC27S3 27 25 22 20 4B3.9-G1 PI 144E LA 184F 2290x1060x1680  
LSC33S3 33 30 26 24 4BT3.9-G1 PI 144G LA 184G 2290x1060x1680  
LSC44S3 44 40 35 32 4BT3.9-G1 PI 144J LA 184J 2290x1060x1680  
LSC55S3 55 50 44 40 4BTA3.9-G2 UCI 224D LA 224D 2440x1060x1680  
LSC66S3 66 60 53 48 4BTA3.9-G2 UCI 224E LA 224E 2440x1060x1680  
LSC86S3 86 76 69 61 4BTA3.9-G11 UCI 224G LA 224G 2440x1060x1680  
LSC103S3 102 94 82 75 6BT5.9-G1 UCI 274C LA 274C 2810x1140x1830  
LSC110S3 110 100 88 80 6BT5.9-G2 UCI 274C LA 274C 2810x1140x1830  
LSC125S3 125 115 100 92 6BTA5.9-G2 UCI 274D LA 274D 3230x1170x1800  
LSC145S3 145 135 116 108 6BTAA5.9-G2 UCI 274E LA 274E 3230x1170x1800  
LSC170S3 170 155 136 124 6BTAA5.9-G12 UCI 274F LA 274F 3230x1170x1800  
LSC200S3 200 181 160 145 6CTA8.3-G2 UCI 274G LA 274G 3430x1170x1800  
LSC220S3 220 200 176 160 6CTAA8.3-G2 UCI 274H LA 274H 3590x1250x2050  
LSC275S3 275 250 220 200 6LTAA8.9-G2 UCDI 274K LA 274K 3590x1250x2050  
LSC275S3-1 275 250 220 200 NT855-GA UCDI 274K LA 274K 3890x1460x2150  
LSC303S3 303 275 242 220 NTA855-G1A HCI 444D LA 4D 3890x1460x2150  
LSC330S3 330 300 264 240 MTAA11-G3 HCI 444D LA 4D 3890x1460x2150  
LSC350S3 350 320 280 256 NTA855-G1B HCI 444E LA 4E 4230x1460x2150  
LSC375S3 375 344 300 275 NTA855-G2A HCI 444E LA 4F 4230x1460x2150  
LSC412S3 412 375 330 300 NTAA855-G7 HCI 444F LA 4F 4230x1460x2150  
LSC500S3 500 450 400 360 KTA19-G3 HCI 544C LA 5C 4630x1660x2250  
LSC550S3 550 500 440 400 KTA19-G3A/KTA19-G4 HCI 544C LA 5D 4630x1660x2250  
LSC650S3 650 NA 520 NA KTA19-G8 HCI 544E LA5ES 4630x1660x2250  
LSC650S3-1 650 575 520 460 KTAA19-G6 HCI544E LA5ES 4630x1660x2250  
LSC688S3 688 NA 550 NA KTAA19-G6A HCI 544FS LA5FS 5030x1860x2550  
LSC825S3 825 750 660 600 KTA38-G2 LVI 634B LA6B ISO 20'ft GP  
LSC880S3 880 800 704 640 KTA38-G2B HCI 634G LA6C ISO 20'ft GP  
LSC1000S3 1000 910 800 728 KTA38-G2A HCI 634H LA6D ISO 20'ft GP  
LSC1100S3 1100 1000 880 800 KTA38-G5 HCI634J LA6E ISO 20'ft GP  
LSC1250S3 1250 NA 1000 NA KTA38-G9 LVI 634G LA6G ISO 20'ft GP  
LSC1375S3 1375 1250 1100 1000 KTA50-G3 LVI 634G LA6G ISO 20'ft GP  
LSC1650S3 1650 1500 1320 1200 KTA50-GS8 PI 734C LA7E ISO 40'ft HQ  
LSC2060S3 2062 1875 1650 1500 QSK60-G3 PI 734E LA7F ISO 40'ft HQ  
LSC2250S3 2250 2050 1800 1640 QSK60-G4 PI 734F LA7G ISO 40'ft HQ