MTU Generators 300-3750kVA Open Type Diesel Power
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LEES MTU open generators have a wide power range from 300~3750kVA. The generators are widely used in industrial, commercial, backup, primary power source and outdoors project work and so on.  


MTU Daimler - Benz Group of Companies, is the world's leading diesel engine manufacturer.  LEES MTU series high-power generator sets, powered by MTU electronic injection diesel engine, which will get 24 hour engine technical, after sale, parts support from more than 650 MTU dealer and service agent around the globe.


Features of MTU open generator:

1.Designed and manufactured in facilities certified to standards ISO 9001:2008

2.Verified product design, quality and performance integrity

3.Cutting-edge emissions control

4.Superior on-site specific de-rating behavior due to state-of-the art engine controller with engine site condition management system

5.Outstanding fuel economy

6.Best in class fuel economy due to highly efficient common rail fuel injection system

7.Advanced monitoring & communications Wide range of applications available from island operation to mains parallel operation

8.Compliant with industry codes & standards The generator set fulfills performance per ISO 8528 and offers 100% load acceptance according to NFPA 110

9.Permanent magnet excitation system for generator as standard for improved transient response

10.Best-in-class reliability and availability

11.Optimized maintenance intervals


Standard configuration of Cummins open generator:

1. Cummins engine

2. Stamford alternator (Lees, Meccalte, Lerysomer brand for option)

3. Deepsea DSE7320 control panel as standard. AMF & Smartgen HGM6120 for Option. ATS for Option

4. Chint breaker as standard, ABB Breaker for Option

5. 8 Working Hours Base Fuel Tank

6. Anti-Vibration Mounted System

7. Battery and battery switch

8. Industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose

9. Cummins tools(Only CCEC,DCEC)


For open type, the genset will be much easier to maintenance and repair, with more durable performance and longer service life.

With years' experience in manufacturing high quality mtu generators  300-3750kva open type diesel power which help you solve power problem, Lees Power is known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various diesel generator sets. Though situated in the convenient China, we have many dealers spreading around the world.

Powered by MTU (50Hz)
Standby Prime MTU Stamford
LSM303E3 303 275 6R1600G10F HCI 444D LSM303E3.pdf
LSM330E3  330 300 6R1600G20F HCI 444D LSM330E3.pdf
LSM385E3   385 350 8V1600G10F HCI 444E LSM385E3.pdf
LSM440E3   440 400 8V1600G20F HCI 444F


LSM500E3   500 450 10V1600G10F HCI 544C LSM500E3.pdf
LSM550E3   550 500 10V1600G20F HCI 544C LSM550E3.pdf
LSM660E3   660 600 12V1600G10F HCI 544E LSM660E3.pdf
LSM726E3   726 660 12V1600G20F HCI 544F


LSM880E3   880 800 12V2000G65 HCI 634G LSM880E3.pdf
LSM1000E3  1000 910 16V2000G25 HCI 634H LSM1000E3.pdf
LSM1100E3   1100 1000 16V2000G65 HCI 634J LSM1100E3.pdf
LSM1250E3   1250 1130 18V2000G65 HCI 634K LSM1250E3.pdf
LSM1375E3 NA 1250 18V2000G26F LVI 634G LSM1375E3.pdf
1375 NA 18V2000G76F
LSM1513E3 1513 1375 12V4000G23R PI 734B LSM1513E3.pdf
LSM1705E3 1705 1550 12V4000G23 PI 734C LSM1705E3.pdf
LSM1815E3 1815 1650 12V4000G23 PI 734D LSM1815E3.pdf
LSM2000E3 2000 1813 12V4000G63 PI 734E LSM2000E3.pdf
LSM2255E3 2255 2050 16V4000G23 PI 734F LSM2255E3.pdf
LSM2500E3 2500 2250 16V4000G63 NA LSM2500E3.pdf
LSM2750E3 2750 2500 20V4000G23 NA LSM2750E3.pdf
LSM3025E3 3025 2750 20V4000G63 NA LSM3025E3.pdf
LSM3300E3 3300 3000 20V4000G63L LSA 53.2 M9 LSM3300E3.pdf