Silent type 30KVA diesel generator powered by Yangdong engine
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YTO Group Corporation is a leading construction machinery manufacturer in China. Founded in 1955, YTO brand has been awarded China Top Brand and Recommended Export Brand, which are popular with customers all over the world.

YTO engine meet CE, EPA standard


LEES YTO range of diesel generator set features compact structure, perfect portability, reliable power, and low emission.


Engine specification  è  Model: Y495D

Main features: 

l   Three-cylinder, water-cooled, in-line diesel engine

l   Efficient fuel system for max power output and durability

l   Large-capacity air cleaner

l   Cost effective, fuel efficient and reliable performance

l   Functional engine with compact structure

l  Excellent after-sales service and sufficient spare parts supplying

l   Excellent fuel consumption with 300 g/kw.h

l   Easy installation and ready access for routine maintenance




Engine   type

Four cylinder,   in-line, water-cooled, direct injection

Bore X Stroke (mm)

95 X 105

Displacement   (L)


Rated   power (KW)


Cooling   water (L)


Lube oil   (L)


Lubrication   system

Pressure splashed

Lube oil   type

SAE10W-30,15W-40   (above CD grade)

Starting   system

12V electric start


12V45Ah x1

Fuel   tpye

0# (summer), -10#   (winter), -35# (chillness) diesel

Fuel consumption (g/KW.h)


Alternator specification  è  Model: LA184F

Main features: 

l   Advanced automatic voltage regulator (AVR) control for trouble-free operation under the most demanding conditions

l   2/3 pitch winding as standard, to avoid excessive neutral currents

l   Single or two bearing construction with dynamically balanced rotor and sealed-for-life bearings

l   Easy access for installation and maintenance

l   IP23 as standard

l   Self-excited control system

l   Resist of corruption of oil and acid





Loop mode

Three phase four   line

Excitation mode

Brushless   self-excited constant voltage (AVR)

Power factor (cosΦ)


Insulation grade



Control module  è  Model: 410

l   Using microprocessor as a core, graphics LCD with big screen and backlight, key touch for operation

l   Have a RS485 port, can be used for communicate to PC

l   All parameters can be set from the front panel, or be set by PC used SG72

l   Security password-protected programming levels

l   All parameters use digital modulation, with higher reliability and stability

l   Built-in speed/frequency detecting units can accurately judge the states such as crank success and over speed

l   Power supply range is wide, accommodating to different starting battery voltage environment

l   Built-in watch dog can never be dead halt, ensuring smooth program execution

l   Modular configuration design, inserted type connection terminals, flush type installation, compact structure, easy installation


LEES LSY30S3 generator is widely used for residential use and we have exported to Africa for many sets. If you want to know the price, call us or send us email, we'll reply you soon!