Soundproof generator set, good quality, with noise proof LSC550S3
Soundproof generator set, good quality, with noise proof LSC550S3
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Soundproof generator set, good quality, with noise proof LSC550S3

LEES silent generators take advantages of weatherproof canopy, which is fashionable and beautiful with bright color. Unique design of muffler, inlet and outlet air and mute cotton low the noise of generators obviously, which could reach 58-60dbA/7m without loading and 62-65dbA/7m with full loading. 


LEES Cummins silent generators have a wide power range from 22~2250kVA. The generators are widely used in industrial, commercial, backup, primary power source and outdoors project work and so on. 



Soundproof Generator Set Features:

1.Nice shape and rational structure.

2.Perfect sealing:rainproof,snow defence,dustproof and could work under the rugged environment.

3.Excellent security:the totally-enclosed box is made of 2mm steel plates.

4.Adequate ventilation:the temperature won't easily get high,which could guarantee the running power of gen-set.

5.The protected gen-sets also have the function to lower the noise. Anti-drumming treatment could effectively lower the sectional noise during the running of the gen-sets.

6.The inner box user high frequency,medium frequency and low frequency type of PUR anti-flaming and sound-absorbing cotton,which could reduce the noise produced by the gen-set.


Basic Info

Conditions of Use Land Use
Usage Common Units, Standby Unit
Landuse Type of Unit Ordinary
Certificate ISO, IEC...
Engine Cummins Engine 
Power Range 22~2250kVA
Alternator Stamford, Leroysomer, Mecc-Alte 
Noise <65 dB
Trademark LEES
Origin China



Alternator Features

• Full power design

• Brushless type design, free maintenance cost

• IP23 protect

• H class insulation

• Single bearing design

• With aluminums cooled fan


Engine Features

• Overhead valve design, lower operation temperature, powerful drive and reliability and durability, and it save more oil. 
• Cast iron casing does not only effectively improve lubrication, but also makes engine more wear-resistant and prolongs engine life. 
• Automatic alarm and stop at low oil level, which prevents the engine to work at low oil level and gives more protection to engine. 
• Metal cam and forged crankshaft makes engine more reliable and durable.