DUBAI xx Group, Main power for refrigerating system

Case Item: DUBAI xx Group, Main power for refrigerating system

Genset Specification: Standby Power 550kVA, Cummins Series, Silent Diesel Generators

Case Analysis: Dubai is located in the tropical desert regions.The objective climate condition determines that it has high requirement for the working temperature and anti-dust ability of diesel generator sets. LEES recommended Cummins series LSC550S3 unit, which used original America Cummins engine to ensure the stable power. At the same time, it is equipped with dust-proof device, effectively filters particles and dust; LEES engineers even specially designed the air inlet, to make the genset directly absorb external cooling air, reducing the inlet air temperature and cool the generator set finally. 

Besides, 12 sets 550KVA diesel gensets are synchronized successfully, which provide sufficient and continuous power for large-scale cooling system.