Australian 6KW Hydraulic type Light Tower
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Product Details

Australian 6KW Hydraulic Type Light Tower

The Australian 6KW Hydraulic Type Light Tower is a towable lighting unit driven by a liquid-cooled diesel engine that can rotate a 6,000-watt generator. With four 1500-watt metal halide lamps on top of the 30-foot rotating mast, the unit will continuously illuminate the 6-7 acre area without refueling for up to 60 hours. The lighthouse is suitable for construction sites, outdoor activities, agricultural operations, emergency camps, perimeter lighting and remote locations without the need to access the grid.


Standard Configuration

-6,000 Watts of lights from 4 x 1500 Watt Metal Halide Lamps

-Reliable Kubota engine and 6kW rated power generator

-Quiet 71dBA sound levels at 7m away

-Durable 9m galvanized hydraulic mast

-359° non-continuous tower rotation and retractable mast cable

-Standard engine protection includes high water temperature and low oil shutdowns


Product Details

Lamp Type Metal Halide Lamps
Excitation Mode AC Rotating Exciter
Mast Lifting System Hydraulic
Engine KubotaPerkins / Lees
Alternator Stamford/Leory Somer..
Generator Power 6.7kw/50Hz
Max. Mast Height 9m
Trademark LEES
Origin  China 


Benefits of the 6KW Hydraulic Type Light Tower:

1. Kubota / Perkins / Lees engines to provide reliable power and high performance.

2. Standard design and personal modification ensure to offer the project at the fastest speed.

3. Telescopic, mechanical, 4 stages mast up to 9 meters

4. New unique high pressure aluminum lamps

5. Heavy-duty winch design and integral forklift pockets.

6. High frequency generator work without ballast, easy to maintain

7. Hydraulic winch for extending and retracting mast.

8. Separate steel doors, lockable, weather protected and powder-coated protection

9. Individual breaker switch for each light assembly

10. Auxiliary big fuel tank


Lighting Advantage:

The lighting system on the unit consists of four 1000 watt metal halide lamps attached to the end of a three-stage rotating pole. These floodlights produce floodlight patterns that illuminate at least 5 acres. Each floodlight is equipped with a round aluminum reflector, a tempered glass lens, a silicone gasket for moisture and dust protection, and an on/off switch.

Maximum power[LTP](KVA) 6.6
Maximum power[LTP](KW) 6.6
Continuous poer[COP](KVA) 6
Continuous poer[COP](KW) 6
Rating  voltage (V) 230
Frequescy/Speed/cosφ (Hz/rpm) 50/1500/1
Phase 1
Rating current (A) 26.1
Engine manufacturer Kubota
Model D1105-E2BG-CHN-1
Engine outoput[at rate rpm] (kW) 9.5
Rated Speed (rpm) 1800
Cylinder No. 3
Bore*Stroke (mm) 78*78.4mm
Compression ratio 24:1
Displacement (L) 1.123
Start-up system voltage (V) 12
Fuel consumption(at 75% load) (L/h) 2.03
Lubricanting Oil Capacity (L) 5.1
Coolant capacity(only engine) (L) 4.3
Alternator model LT3N-130/4
Design/insulation class/ Synchronous/class H
Votage regulation (%) Within ±6
Nominal voltage (V) 230
Nominal current/cosφ 26.1A/1.0
Frequescy/regulation 50Hz/self excited
Material Cu
Available ambient Temp. (℃) 50
Capacity (L) 5.2L
Dry Weight (kg) 17.5Kg
Control module
Module manufacturer Smartgen
Model HGM410
Light Tower
Total height (m) 9
Rotary  table 360°
Operate type Hydraulic
Light Type Metal Halide Lamp
Power&Qty 1000W*4
Luminous Flux (Lm) 110000
Lamp votage (V) 263
Avg .Life (Hr) 5000
Wind-resistance 7 grade(20m/s)
Overall Dimension
Size(LxWxH) (mm) 2700*2264*8682mm(Unfold)/ 4400*1314*1980mm (Pack up)
Dry weight 1050kg