Advanced Design Concept Of Mute Generator

The principle of the mute type generator:

1. The reasonable design of the noiseless generator inlet and outlet.

The power of the generator unit is part of the internal combustion engine, so it needs enough air flow to ensure the full combustion of the engine and the large amount of heat generated during the operation. If the near-row air volume imbalance, it will affect the normal operation of generating units, thus, will lead to the generator set high water temperature, power can not reach the rated requirements and so on. Silent Type Generators The unit life can be affected by working at high temperature in long time.

2, Mute type generator silencer material choice.

The use of special cotton to absorb sound, thereby playing a role in silencing. There is also a method, the effect is better, is to take the hole-net-type silencing material and noise-canceling cotton.

3, Mute type generator's appearance structure design

Characteristics of Silent Generators

Silent type generator set, Diesel generator set is the introduction of foreign low noise generator and engine technology and carefully designed, advanced design concepts, Silent Type Generators a full range. Products in addition to the series of diesel generators, diesel generator sets of various functions, but also have the following characteristics: Low noise unit, the overall mechanism is compact, occupies small space, the box is all removable structure, the box adopts the steel plate splicing, the surface is coated with high performance antirust paint, and has the function of noise reduction and rain prevention. Inside the box, multilayer barrier impedance mismatch muffler structure, built-in large-scale impedance muffler. Reasonable design of box structure, inside the box is equipped with a large capacity tank, around the same time equipped with two door repair door, in order to troubleshoot the unit, Silent Type Generators at the same time on the box with observation windows and units Emergency shutdown button, in order to observe the operation of the Unit and in the case of emergency units in the fastest downtime to avoid damage.

1, the noise standard conforms to the ISO374.

2, the interior uses the special silencer material, Silent Type Generators the built-in muffler makes the structure compact.

3. Good ventilation and radiation protection structure.

4, special handling of the box, fully adapted to all-weather use.

5. The reasonable position of the box is provided with observation window, which is convenient to observe and manipulate.

6, the special set of shock absorber, Silent Type Generators so that the unit run quiet peace.

7, the large capacity of the base tank eliminates the installation and connection.