Container Generators Have Been Widely Used

The container generator has beautiful appearance and reasonable structure. Good sealing, closed box, rain-proof, snow-proof, dust-proof, can work in harsh environment, sound-proof effect of easy lifting and other advantages.

is also a power generation equipment, only the unit configuration is different, the unit in addition to the container-type generator sets, as well as mobile generators, Containerized Generators automation generators and so on.

Container generators as emergency power supply, generator capacity, continuous power supply for a long time, can operate independently, not affected by the power grid fault, high reliability, especially in some areas of the common power is not very stable situation, the diesel generator as a standby source, Containerized Generators not only can play the role of emergency power, and through the reasonable optimization of low-voltage system, can let some of the more important load in the mains power outage, so diesel generators in life has been widely used.

The container generator has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and long service life, the large Ze power-generating unit uses the new rare earth permanent magnet material NdFeB excitation, compares with the traditional excitation generator, each electricity may save the fuel oil 15%, Containerized Generators the perceptual load carrying capacity compared to the traditional electric excitation generator enhances nearly twice times, may drive own capacity 90% The above perceptual load (motor, impact drill, such as frequent strong current load), so that the towing power or other perceptual load when the fuel consumption decreased significantly.

Container generators have the following characteristics:

1. With International Container Safety Convention CSC certification, the entire unit can be directly as a standard container shipping, greatly saving transportation costs;

2. The container girder is made of square tube (different from common standard container) to improve container mechanical strength and to withstand higher dynamic load impact of generator set;

3. All hinges, locks, bolts are stainless steel, the container is equipped with anti-wave, rain-proof intrusion device;

4. The side door of the box is provided to facilitate the daily maintenance and overhaul of the user;

5. The container can be opened before and after, Containerized Generators to facilitate the user to the generator and engine radiator daily maintenance and overhaul; If there is a need for overhaul, the unit can be easily removed from any end of the container;

6. Container equipped with two explosion-proof lamp/control screen set up an explosion-proof lamp, user-friendly operation and maintenance;

7. The bottom of the container is equipped with the "three leaks" collection system to prevent the engine from polluting the environment with the possibility of "three leaks".

8. The control screen and the output switch cabinet are on the same side of the container, Containerized Generators which facilitates the daily operation of the user and the output cable connection;

9. The standard configuration has the permanent magnet excitation PMG system, enhances the motor start-up ability and has the immunity to the waveform distortion;

10. Fuel tanks and pipelines, oil emissions, silencers and many other unique design of the place, much favored by users;

11. The interior of the mute box has high performance anti-aging flame-retardant and sound-absorbing material, Containerized Generators and the air inlet and exhaust noise has excellent design!