Container Generators Play The Role Of Emergency Power Supply

The container generator is also a power supply, but the unit configuration is different, like a mobile generator, an automated generator set is the same.

Container generators beautiful appearance, reasonable structure. Good sealing, full enclosed box, rain, snow, dust, can work in harsh environments, sound effects from the lifting of convenience.

Container Generator Features:

1, the use of standard 20 feet or 40 feet container modification, Containerized Generators so that the unit more flexible and convenient

2, with all the features of the standard quiet box generator

3, the box around the ceiling and laying sound-absorbing cotton and metal perforated plate, with fire extinguisher.

4, external industrial silencer, Containerized Generators compact structure, muffler effect

5, the cabinet configuration fuel supply system, control room, lighting system, cooling system, and left maintenance space.

6, with high corrosion resistance, the hinge for the anodized aluminum alloy, Containerized Generators screw bolts all through the rust treatment

Container generators as emergency power supply, the generator capacity, continuous power supply for a long time, can run independently, without the impact of grid failure, high reliability, especially in some areas commonly used electricity is not very stable case, the Diesel generators as a backup power supply, Containerized Generators both from the role of emergency power supply, but also through the low-voltage system, a reasonable optimization, you can make some of the more important load in the city when the power outage, so diesel generators in life has been widely used The

Container generator characteristics Rare-earth generator with high efficiency and long life, etc., Dazhu power - generator with a new rare earth permanent magnet material NdFeB excitation, Containerized Generators compared with the traditional excitation generator, each time the power can save fuel 15 % Of the inductive load carrying capacity than the traditional electric excitation generator to improve nearly twice, can drive their own capacity of more than 90% of the inductive load (motor, impact drill and other frequent high current load), Containerized Generators so that towing power or other inductive load The fuel consumption dropped significantly.

The container generator includes a cabinet and a slide plate arranged at the bottom of the cabinet. The left end of the cabinet has an opening, and the left end of the slide plate is provided with a cover plate that closes the opening, and the bottom of the cover plate is symmetrically arranged with And the front end face of the cabinet is provided with two or more visible windows, and the front end face of the cabinet is provided with a generator oil adding hole on which a plurality of fixed power generation And the upper end surface of the fixing strip is provided with a screw hole, and the top of the cabinet is provided with a light shielding plate, Containerized Generators and the supporting plate is welded with the cabinet between the light shielding plate and the cabinet. The front end of the cabinet is provided with a connecting part at the position near the lower end of the cabinet, Containerized Generators and the device is convenient for routine maintenance of the built-in generator, and is convenient for observing the state of use of the generator in daily use.