Diesel Welding Machine Is A Processing Equipment

Diesel welding machine is the use of positive and negative poles in the instantaneous short-circuit when the high temperature arc produced to melt the welding electrode solder and welding materials, so that the object of contact. Its structure is very simple, is a high-power transformer. Diesel welding machine Generally according to the type of output power can be divided into two kinds, one is AC power, one is direct current. They use the principle of inductance, inductance in the connection and disconnect will produce a huge voltage changes, Diesel Welding Machine using the positive and negative poles in the instantaneous short-circuit when the high-voltage arc produced to melt the solder electrode, so that they achieve the purpose of atomic bonding.

Diesel welding machine According to welding energy and different welding principles can be divided into 3 basic types, namely, electric arc welding machine, Diesel Welding Machine resistance welder and special welding machine. Arc welding is the melting of the workpiece by the heat generated by the joint, and realize the welding process; Resistance welding is to make large current through the workpiece joint, the process of welding is achieved by producing resistance heat, reaching the melting and pressurizing, and realizing the weld; special welding is the process of using electrical energy to convert to other energy, such as electron beam, plasma, laser, friction heat, Diesel Welding Machine ultrasonic or direct pressure of workpiece. The most widely used arc welding and resistance welding. In the developed industrialized countries. The specifications of diesel welding machine have reached more than 500 kinds.

The diesel welding machine is to convert the electric energy into welding energy, so that the welding part of the metal or nonmetal workpiece is fused or plastic squeezed to achieve the bonding between atoms, thus realizing a kind of heat processing equipment for welding. Diesel Welding Machine Because the welding object is mainly steel, so the development of diesel welding machine, in general, also depends on the growth of steel output. More than half of the world's steel needs to be welded before it can be put into practical use.

As a basic processing equipment, diesel electric welding machine is widely used in various departments of national economy. For example, the production of panacea ton of wheels, to weld up to 150km of weld; a jet, to weld ($number) x 104 solder joints, a 5 x $number kw steel furnace, welding 17km long weld and x 104 pipe contacts; a car to weld more than 10,000 solder joints and dozens of meters long weld.

With the development of industry and science and technology, welding of high melting point, high strength and lively metal, welding of alloy, dissimilar metal and precision and complex structural parts. More and more requirements for welding process and equipment are put forward. Different metal, different structure of the workpiece, the need for the corresponding welding process and equipment to implement the welding. Aircraft manufacturing requires large-capacity DC shock wave and two-side rectifier resistance welder to weld all kinds of aluminum-magnesium alloy plate; Shipbuilding industry needs a large number of vertical and horizontal automatic welding machine welding hull; Diesel Welding Machine The automobile industry needs a large number of suspension and suspension of the same-type spot welding machine, resistance welding robot, arc welding robot, flexible multiple spot welding machine, and use computer to centralize control; boilers, petroleum, chemical equipment need a large number of submerged arc welding machine and a variety of gas shielded welder to weld high-pressure containers, storage tanks and different pipelines Electronic and instrumentation industries need laser, ultrasonic and micro-beam plasma welder to weld the special thin and superfine precision workpiece; in mass production, Diesel Welding Machine special welder or complete set of welding equipment should be used to improve welding productivity and welding quality. With the development of industry and science and technology, new requirements for welding technology and welding equipment are put forward, and the development of welding technology and welding equipment has promoted the further development of industry and science and technology.