Diesel Welding Machine Is Used For Welding Materials

Diesel welding machine advantages: fuel-efficient aspects of considerable, in addition to improper use of quality problems caused by customers, the general gasoline power diesel diesel power two most commonly used.

Diesel welding machine is divided into gasoline / diesel two series, practical, portability, generators and diesel welding machine dual-use one of the equipment, has been widely used in steel construction, gas pipelines, outdoor construction and other industries

Diesel electric welding machine is a thermal processing equipment that converts electrical energy into welding energy, so that the welding part of the metal or nonmetal workpiece is melted or plasticized to reach the combination of atoms. As the object of welding is mainly steel, and thus the development of diesel welding machine, in general, also depends on the growth of steel production. More than half of the world's steel production through welding processing, Diesel Welding Machine in order to put into practical application.

Diesel welding machine as a basic processing equipment, widely used in various sectors of the national economy. For example, the production of a million tons of wheels, to weld up to 150km of the weld; a jet, to weld (20-30) X 104 solder joints; a 12.5 x 104 kW steel furnace, need to weld 17km long Of the weld and 15 x 104 pipe contacts; a car to weld more than 10,000 solder joints and tens of meters long weld.

With the development of industry and science and technology, Diesel Welding Machine all kinds of high melting point, high strength and active metal welding, alloy welding, dissimilar metals and precision complex structural parts of the welding. The welding process and equipment put forward higher and higher requirements. Different metal, different structure of the workpiece, Diesel Welding Machine the need for the corresponding welding process and equipment to implement welding. Aircraft manufacturing industry, the need for large-capacity DC shock wave and secondary side of the rectifier resistance welding machine welding a variety of aluminum-magnesium alloy sheet; shipbuilding industry requires a large number of vertical and horizontal automatic arc welding machine welding hull; the automotive industry requires a large number of hanging split And the suspension of the same type of spot welding machine, Diesel Welding Machine resistance welding robot, arc welding robot, flexible multi-point welder, and the use of computer centralized control; boiler, petroleum, chemical equipment requires a large number of submerged arc welding machine and a variety of gas welding machine to welding High pressure vessels, storage tanks and different pipelines; electronics, instrumentation industry need to use laser, ultrasonic and micro-beam plasma welding machine to welding thin and fine fine parts; mass production, Diesel Welding Machine the need to use special welding machine or Complete sets of welding equipment to improve welding productivity and welding quality. With the development of industry and science and technology, the welding technology and welding equipment put forward new requirements, and promote its development, and welding technology and welding equipment development, but also to promote the further development of industry and science and technology.

Diesel welding machine is widely used. Both large shipbuilding enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises and various construction enterprises diesel welding machine is an indispensable tool. Diesel electric welding machine is used for welding materials, in use is charged, especially in some small construction units to save money to buy cheap diesel welding machine, in the construction site harsh environment is easy to cause electric shock, fire, off Welding phenomenon, will endanger personal safety and property safety.

Due to poor welding quality will also cause "rubbish" project. So in the purchase of diesel welding machine to pay attention to the requirements:

Operating rules for electrical welders

(1) welding (gas cutting, gas welding) workers, subject to physical examination, Diesel Welding Machine professional training, certificates. Work should be wearing a good protective equipment, really check the electrical, gas welding equipment, equipment, safety and reliability, pressure vessels, sealed containers, pipes, to be checked in advance, the toxic, harmful, flammable, To be washed clean. Diesel Welding Machine In the container to cut the two to rotation, one outside the guard. The lighting voltage should be less than 36 volts.

(2) strict implementation. "Three-level fire approval system." Welding site to prohibit the storage of flammable and explosive materials, according to the provisions of the provision of fire equipment, to ensure adequate lighting and good ventilation, strict implementation of the "welder ten welding" delineation.

(3) diesel welding machine shell should be effectively grounded, ground or zero, and the work loop are not allowed to ride on the flammable and explosive materials, are not allowed to connect in the pipeline and machine equipment. Work circuit, the power switch should be insulated, handle, welding clamp insulation to be strong, diesel welding machine to hand custody, maintenance, when not interrupted power, the wire plate clean, Diesel Welding Machine placed in a dry area, must not be placed open, Rainstorm, to prevent temperature rise, damp.

(4) oxygen cylinders and acetylene bottles should be properly stacked locations, near the fire is not allowed to work, there are flames and smoking, but can not let the welding wire or its live wire in the cylinder through. To avoid frequent movement. It is forbidden to mix easily with the combustion gas and not with copper, silver, mercury and its products. The use of the delay in the use of the remaining gas in the bottle, the pressure to leave 1: 1.5 gauge pressure.

(5) each oxygen and acetylene pressure reducer only take a cutting, welding and cutting should be checked before the valve and pipe joints at the liquid pipe with or without leakage, welding Tsui and Tsui whether blocked, Whether it is smooth, all normal to ignition operation. Ignition welding cutting should be open before the amount of acetylene to open a small amount of oxygen, with a special lighter lit, Diesel Welding Machine prohibit cigarette butts to prevent burns.

(6) each tempering device only agreed to take a welding tool or cutting tools, in the welding and cutting process encountered a moment of fire should immediately close the welding of acetylene on the adjustment valve, and then off the oxygen regulating valve, and then open Oxygen valve blows off the temperature.

(7) is strictly prohibited at the same time open the oxygen and acetylene valve, or hand and objects plug the welding nozzle, to prevent the oxygen poured into the acetylene generator explosion occurred.

(8) after work strictly check and clear all the fire, closed all the cylinder valve, plug the power supply. In the purchase of diesel welding machine products, to the regular production enterprises or large shopping malls to buy, and to buy the market according to the higher rate of brand name products. Do not seek cheap to small shops to buy, where the quality of diesel welding machine can not be guaranteed. When purchasing, check whether the nameplate on the product has the name of the manufacturer, the production address, the specification model, the adjustment range of the welding current, the duty cycle of the load and the input voltage and current, and then determine the diesel welding to be purchased according to the work needs machine.