Diesel Welding Machine Is Widely Used In Various Fields

Diesel electric welder can be divided into two types of AC transformer and DC generator. AC transformer type: AC transformer diesel welding machine is currently the most widely used diesel welding machine, the main structure of the transformer, will be the power supply step-down to 60~80v. Its advantages are simple in structure, easy to troubleshoot, and inexpensive. DC Generator Type: Use a petrol or diesel engine to drive a generator to supply a welding power source where no power is available. The generator is designed for special welding, Diesel Welding Machine the voltage is kept at the load-free time about 60V, the full load is about 20V voltage, 100~600a current. The main advantages of the arc stability, suitable for aluminum, copper and other non-metallic welding.

Diesel welding machine is the use of positive and negative poles in the instantaneous short-circuit when the high temperature arc produced to melt the welding electrode solder and welding materials, Diesel Welding Machine to achieve the purpose of combining them. Diesel welding machine structure is relatively simple, is a high-power transformer, diesel welding machine generally according to the type of output power can be divided into two kinds,-the kind is alternating current, a-type is DC. (1) AC transformer type diesel welding machine AC transformer type diesel welder is the most widely used diesel welding machine, the main part of the structure is the transformer. AC input, Diesel Welding Machine after transformer pressure, and then rectifier by the rectifier, and then output with a drop of the external characteristics of the power supply, the output end in the connection and disconnect will produce a huge voltage changes, Diesel Welding Machine the poles in the instantaneous short-circuit when the ignition arc, using the resulting arc to melt welding electrodes and welding materials. Its advantages are simple in structure, easy to troubleshoot, and inexpensive. (2) DC Diesel Welding Machine DC-type diesel welding machine used in the absence of power, the voltage is kept at no load about 60V, full load 20V around the voltage, 100~ 600A current. Its advantages are stable arc, suitable for non-ferrous metal welding.

What are the characteristics of diesel welding machine?

(1) Diesel welding machine Advantages of diesel electric welding machine to use electricity; and electricity is very common, diesel welding machine suitable for working in a dry environment, Diesel Welding Machine not too many requirements, because of small size, simple operation, easy to use, faster, welded seam after the advantages of a wide range of fields, especially for the requirements of high strength of the workpiece is particularly practical. The same metal material can be instantaneously (also can connect dissimilar metals, but the welding method is different) permanently connected, the weld after heat treatment, and the same strength as the Masterbatch, seal is good, Diesel Welding Machine this solves the storage of gas and liquid containers in the manufacture of sealing and strength problems.

(2) Diesel welding machine shortcomings in the use of the process, the diesel welding machine around will produce a certain magnetic field, arc combustion will produce radiation around. ARC in the infrared, ultraviolet and other light species, as well as metal vapor and soot and other harmful substances, Diesel Welding Machine so the operation must be adequate protection measures.

Welding is not suitable for high carbon steel, because welding weld metal crystallization and segregation and oxidation process, for high-carbon carbon, poor welding performance, easy cracking after welding, resulting in hot cracks and cold cracks. Low carbon steel has good welding performance, Diesel Welding Machine but in the process to operate properly, derusting cleaning is more cumbersome, sometimes the weld will appear slag, crack, blowhole, bite edge and other defects, but the proper operation will reduce the defect.