Diesel Welding Machine Is Widely Used In Various Sectors Of The National Economy

Diesel electric welding machine is a thermal processing equipment that converts electrical energy into welding energy, so that the welding part of the metal or nonmetal workpiece is melted or plasticized to reach the combination of atoms. As the object of welding is mainly steel, Diesel Welding Machine and thus the development of diesel welding machine, in general, also depends on the growth of steel production. More than half of the world's steel production through welding processing, in order to put into practical application.

Diesel welding machine as a basic processing equipment, widely used in various sectors of the national economy. For example, the production of a million tons of wheels, Diesel Welding Machine to weld up to 150km of the weld; a jet, to weld (20-30) X 104 solder joints; a 12.5 x 104 kW steel furnace, Diesel Welding Machine need to weld 17km long Of the weld and 15 x 104 pipe contacts; a car to weld more than 10,000 solder joints and tens of meters long weld.

Diesel welding machine is the use of positive and negative poles in the instantaneous short-circuit generated when the high-temperature arc to melt the solder on the welding and welding materials, Diesel Welding Machine to achieve the purpose of their combination. The structure is very simple, is a high-power transformer, diesel welding machine generally according to the output power type can be divided into two kinds, one is AC power; one is DC. Diesel Welding Machine The use of the principle of inductance made, the amount of inductance in the connected and disconnected will have a huge voltage changes, the use of positive and negative poles in the instantaneous short-circuit generated when the high-voltage arc to melt the solder on the electrode, to enable them to combine The purpose of diesel welding machine can not be used in the process of maintenance and maintenance.

Daily maintenance of diesel welding machine

1, check the welding machine output wiring specifications, solid, Diesel Welding Machine and outlet direction down close to the vertical, and the horizontal angle must be greater than 70 °.

2, check the cable connection of the screw fastening, Diesel Welding Machine screw specifications for the hexagonal bolts M10 × 30, flat pad, spring pad complete, no rust oxidation and other undesirable phenomena.

3, check the cable at the wiring length of less than 10mm.

4, check the welding machine chassis ground firmly.

5, check the diesel power supply, base metal ground is good, standardized.

6, check the cable connection to be reliable insulation, with tape bandaged.

7, power cord, Diesel Welding Machine welding cable and diesel welding machine wiring screen cover is intact.

8, welding machine cooling fan is flexible, normal.

9, power switch, Diesel Welding Machine power indicator and adjust the handle knob is intact, ammeter, Diesel Welding Machine

 voltmeter pointer is flexible, accurate, clear surface without cracks. The cover is well and the switch is free.

10 Check whether CO2 gas leaks.

11 Check the appearance of the welder is good, no serious deformation.

12 Check if the hexagon socket screw is tightened and the CO2 torch is loose if the CO2 torch is connected to the CO2 feeder.

13 Check whether the cable and the trachea of the CO2 feed line are wrapped and fixed.

14 check the CO2 wire feeding device correction wheel, Diesel Welding Machine wire wheel wear and timely replacement.

15 Check that the motor is fixed and the insulation is in good condition.

16 Check the remote control box on the CO2 feed unit.

17 Check the installation of CO2 torch, tighten the torch switch plug should be aligned guide slot into the welding gun installed, the fastening screws to tighten.

18 Whether the welding clamps are broken, whether the upper and lower hoods are loose, Diesel Welding Machine and the casing fastening screws are loose, and the cables are connected

19 Is the wheel of the welding machine fully flexible?

20 thoroughly clean the surface of the equipment once a week.

21 every six months on the diesel welding machine with compressed air (without moisture) to clear the internal dust (must cut off the power and then clean). In the removal of dust, the upper and sides should be removed on both sides of the board, and then in order from the top down blowing, Diesel Welding Machine attached to the grease with a cloth wipe.

22 Maintenance items are borne by the operator.

Technical maintenance

Follow the "routine maintenance" project and add the following work.

1 check the lines and accessories are intact.

3 Fuse Check whether the requirements meet the requirements, such as the discovery has been oxidized, severe overheating, discoloration should replace the fuse.

4 current regulating device, should meet the requirements of the adjustment range.

Diesel welding machine parameters

⒈ design reasonable, adjust. According to different metal materials used in different files discharge, in order to achieve good repair effect.

⒉ heat affected area small. There is no heat input in the stacking moment, so there is no deformation, undercut and residual stress. Does not produce local annealing, Diesel Welding Machine repair does not require re-heat treatment.

⒊ minimal welding impact, diesel welding machine in the welding to overcome the ordinary welding of the workpiece around the impact of the phenomenon. There is no margin of the workpiece surface can also be assured to repair.

⒋ high precision repair: welding thickness from a few microns to a few millimeters, just polished, polished.

⒌ high welding: due to the full penetration of the workpiece surface material to produce a strong binding force.

⒍ with ring precision control.