Diesel Welding Machine To Reduce Fuel Consumption

Diesel welding machine features:

* Design reasonable and free to adjust. According to different metal materials used in different file discharge frequency, in order to achieve good repair effect. Welding penetration, melting pool deep, with easy arc, small splash, current stability, good shape and so on,

*, High-performance automatic alarm: the overload of the machine running, the machine reliable performance, can turn, power switch automatically trip, there will not be a fatal damage to the motor burned, Diesel Welding Machine the machine has a very good protection.

*, Safe and energy-saving technology in the application of power generation diesel welding machine, the use of the technology to effectively improve the use of welding machine safety, Diesel Welding Machine and improve the efficiency of the machine, reducing fuel consumption and improve its economic efficiency The

*, Each zero parts have fine insulation protection, the use of more secure, more at ease.

*, With self-power function of the welding machine, with 5KW power supply, can drive grinding machine, testing equipment, small air compressor, water pump and some other power tools, with strong adaptability.

*, Suitable for operation in the absence of power grid in the field, both the need for power welding, but also need to drive power tools to drive before the groove, polished after welding and so on. Such as the laying of oil and gas pipelines, the development of villages, pipeline welding, power failure emergency welding, Diesel Welding Machine construction and other users to use.

Diesel welding machine [machine equipment]:

1, comes with four wheels

2, and push the hand

3, electric start the key three

4, three years vulnerable parts

5, certificate

6, after-sales service card

7, battery and cable

8, install the gadget kit

9, detailed instructions for the use of each set

10, two welding plugs

11, power output plugs three