Excellent Performance Of Diesel Welding Machine

Diesel welding machine, has fine-tuning function, current from 80~230a. AC and DC. It also emits 5KW of power. This power supply is 220. This machine is the perfect combination of generator and welding machine, it is the patented product of electric welding machine factory in Japan. Diesel Welding Machine It can weld 4.0 electrodes for a long time, and can weld 5.0 electrodes in a short time. The electrodes on the market can be welded.

Diesel welding machine, the real sense of power generation welding. Dual-use, excellent performance, can achieve the ideal cost-effective, so you enjoy more economic benefits. Diesel Welding Machine Synchronous use of load performance, in the welding can be at the same time power supply, welding operation does not affect the power generation voltage and wave type, thereby improving work efficiency, Diesel Welding Machine easy to use. Using IGBT chopper, plus pulse width modulation and reactor flat wave technology, the welding voltage waveform is more stable.

Diesel welding machine is the use of positive and negative poles in the instantaneous short-circuit when the high temperature arc produced to melt the welding electrode solder and welding materials, to achieve the purpose of combining them. The structure is very simple, Diesel Welding Machine is a high-power transformer, welding machine generally according to the type of output power can be divided into two types, one is AC power; Using the principle of inductance, inductance is connected and disconnected will produce huge voltage changes, the use of positive and negative poles in an instantaneous short-circuit when the high-voltage arc generated to melt the electrode ...