Generator Ignition Mode

Generator knowledge

Why do we require the customer, the unit after each run 200 hours, to carry out a fastening work of all electrical contact parts? A: The generator is a vibrating working unit. And many domestic production or assembly of the Unit should use double nuts. The use of the spring gasket is useless, once the electrical fastener LAX, will produce a large contact resistance, resulting in abnormal operation of the Unit 3, why the generator room must ensure clean, the ground without floating sand? A: If the diesel engine inhaled dirty air will reduce power, Generators the generator if inhaled impurities such as sand will cause the stator gap between the insulation damage, the heavy caused by burning.

Why is it generally recommended that users use neutral grounding when installing? A: 1 The new generation of generator self-adjustment function greatly enhanced; 3 The lightning fault rate of neutral grounding unit is found to be high in practice. 3 The quality of grounding requirements is higher, the general user can not do. Unsafe working ground is better than ungrounded. 4 The neutral grounding of the unit will cover the load leakage fault and grounding error, Generators and these faults and errors in the mains current power supply situation can not be exposed.

The neutral point does not ground the unit, use should pay attention to what problem? Answer: The 0 line may be charged, because the voltage between the FireWire and the neutral point cannot be eliminated. Operators must view the 0 line as charged body. Generators Can not be handled according to the mains.

UPS and generators how power matching, to ensure that UPS output stability? A: 1 UPS is generally used as a KVA of power, which is converted to the unit kw with the generator's active power by 0.8. 2 If the general generator is used, the power of the generator is determined by multiplying the active power of the UPS and the generator power is twice times the power of the UPS. 3 If the use of PMG (permanent magnet excitation) generator, then the power of the UPS multiplied by 1 2 to determine the power of the generator, that is, the generator power of UPS power of 1.2 times times 7, indicating the voltage withstand 500V electronic or electrical components, can be used in the generator control cabinet? Answer: No. Because the $number voltage indicated on the generator set is the effective voltage. Its peak voltage is 1.414 times times the effective voltage. The peak voltage of the generator is Umax.

Are all generator sets equipped with self-protection function? A: No. At present, even in the same brand of the unit in some bands, some without. The user must figure it out by itself when buying the unit. It is best to write a written material as a contract attachment. Generators The general low-priced machine does not take the self-protection function.

What is the benefit of a customer buying a self starter, but not buying an automatic conversion cabinet? A: 1 If the city network has a power outage, the unit will automatically start, to speed up the artificial transmission time; 2 if the front of the air switch is connected to the lighting line can also ensure that the room lighting is not affected by the power outage, in order to facilitate the operation of personnel; 10, the domestic generator set of the universal symbol GF representative what meaning? A: On behalf of the second meaning: a Power generation unit is suitable for our general Power 50HZ generator set. b) Domestic generator sets.

Does the load of the generator have to be balanced in three phases in use? A: Yes. The maximum deviation must not exceed 25%, the lack of phase operation is strictly prohibited.

Which four strokes does the four-stroke diesel engine refer to? Answer: Inhale, compress, work, exhaust.

What is the biggest difference between a diesel engine and a petrol engine? A: 1) the pressure in the cylinder is different. The diesel engine compresses the air during the compression stroke phase, and the gasoline and air mixture is compressed during the compression stroke phase. 2 ignition mode is different. The diesel engine relies on the atomized diesel to combust to the high-pressure gas; the gasoline engine relies on spark plugs to ignite.

What does the "two votes three system" of power system mean? A: Two votes refer to work tickets and operation tickets. Any work and operation performed on electrical equipment. Must first receive the work ticket and the operation ticket which is issued by the person on duty. The parties must be executed by vote. Generators The three systems refer to the system of handover, the system of itinerant inspection and the system of equipment regular switching.

What is the so-called three-phase four-wire system? Answer: The generator has 4 outlets, of which 3 are FireWire and 1 are 0 lines. The voltage between FireWire and FireWire is 380V. The FireWire line is 220V between 0 lines.

What's the matter with three-phase short circuit? What will happen? Answer: There is no load between the lines, the direct short-circuit is three-phase short-circuit. The result is terrible, serious will cause the machine to destroy the dead.

What is the so-called inverted transmission? What are the two serious consequences? A: The situation of generating generators to the city network is called inverted transmission. There are two kinds of serious consequences: a The city network has not been cut off, its power supply and generator power generation is not the same time machine, will destroy the unit. If the generator capacity is larger, but also will make the city network concussion. (b) The city network has been overhauled and its own generators are being powered down. will make the power supply department maintenance personnel electrocuted.

Why debugging personnel must be fully checked before debugging all the fixed bolts of the unit is fixed intact? are all line interfaces intact? Answer: The unit passes long-distance transportation, sometimes unavoidably has the bolt and the line interface loose or falls off, the light person affects the debugging, the heavy damage machine.

What kind of energy does electricity belong to? What is the characteristic of alternating current? A: Power is two-level energy, alternating current by mechanical energy conversion, DC power from chemical energy, the characteristics of AC power is not stored, is found to use.

What conditions can the generator set to meet the power transmission? A: water-cooled unit, water temperature reached 56 degrees Celsius. Air cooling unit, the body micro-heat. Generators The voltage frequency is normal when no-load. The oil pressure is normal. Can be used for transmission.

What is the load order after power-on? Answer: Load from big to small in turn.

What is the load order before shutdown? A: The load from small to large, in turn, the final shutdown.

Why can't I take the load off and turn it on? A: With load shutdown is an emergency shutdown, the impact on the unit is larger. The operation of the load-carrying power is a violation of electricity equipment will bring damage.

What should be paid attention to in winter? A: 1 note that the water tank can not be frozen, the prevention method has special long-acting anti-rust, antifreeze or the use of electric equipment to ensure room temperature above freezing point. 2) do not bake fire. 3 no-load preheating time to a little longer, can be power.