Generators Can Generate Electricity All The Time

The generator is a very important role in the car parts, the generator once the power output, then the car can not start, which is the owner worried about the situation encountered. But the principle of generators we must be very strange, the following to learn about it

The generator is usually composed of parts such as stator, rotor, end cap, base and bearing.

The stator consists of a base, a stator core, a wire wrap, Generators and other structural parts that secure these parts.

The rotor consists of rotor core (magnetic choke pole pole) slip ring, (also known as copper ring. Collector ring). Fan and shaft and other components.

By the bearing and the end of the generator stator and rotor connection assembled, so that the rotor can rotate in the stator to do the movement of magnetic lines, Generators resulting in induced potential, through the terminal leads, connected to the circuit, it produced a current.

The generators with turbines are called generators. In order to achieve high efficiency, steam turbines are generally made of high speed, usually 3000 r / min (frequency 50 Hz) or 3600 r / min (frequency 60 Hz). Nuclear power plant in the steam turbine speed is low, but also in 1500 r / min or more. High-speed generators In order to reduce the mechanical stress caused by centrifugal force and reduce wind wear, Generators the rotor diameter is generally smaller, the length is relatively large, that is, the use of slender rotor. Especially in the 3000 r / min high-capacity high-speed unit, due to the strength of the relationship between the material, the rotor diameter is strictly limited, generally not more than 1.2 meters. And the length of the rotor body is limited by the critical speed. Generators When the body length reaches more than 6 times the diameter of the rotor, the second critical speed of the rotor will be close to the motor speed, there may be a greater vibration in the drive, so the generator profile is limited. 10 million kilowatts of air-cooled motor rotor rotor size has reached the above limit size, Generators to increase the motor capacity, only by increasing the motor to achieve the electromagnetic load. For this reason, the motor must be cooled. So 5 to 10 million kilowatts of the generators are used better cooling effect of hydrogen or water cooling technology. Since the 1970s, the maximum capacity of the generator has reached 130 to 1.5 million kilowatts.

The components of the generator is quite a lot, Generators each part of each other connected to the generator output power, the vehicle will be able to start.

Generator Features:

1, low fuel consumption: the use of advanced oil control valve technology, Generators fuel than other domestic machinery about 30 percent.

2, cost savings: motor brushless maintenance-free motor does not need to deliberately post-maintenance, late and save you a large part of the use of cost.

3, easy to operate: lightweight and simple design to improve the machine's field operation, Generators and save a lot of storage space, four durable wheels more convenient to transport.

4, start fast, you can quickly power and quickly stop generating power.

5, power supply is stable, power quality can be improved through technical improvements.

6, by a variety of natural climate and geographical environment is small, all-weather power generation.

The characteristics of the generator

1, the engine speed can be changed in a wide range, it can be a better match with the generator to achieve the purpose of saving fuel;

2, the engine can work in the high speed zone, Generators which output the same power, the engine weight, the volume is much smaller. In terms of speaking is the power, higher than the power;

3, the alternator working speed is high, also reduces the weight and volume;

4, integrated 2,3 points, but also save a lot of metal materials;

5, the output power of high quality - pure sine wave output, Generators harmonic content is very small;