High Efficiency Of Diesel Welding Machine

Diesel Welding Machine Power characteristics: Light weight, small size, with a mobile wheel, safe and reliable, for the construction to provide a great convenience;

The Diesel welding machine is light in weight and small in size, and is equipped with a hand-pushed movable wheel. Mobile Light, arc fast, welding fast, high efficiency, welding smooth, small vibration, fuel consumption, small size, portable movement, saving materials, long working hours, Diesel Welding Machine flashlight dual-boot mode welding can also bring some lighting or small power equipment

Characteristics of diesel Welding machine:

1, the welding body product, light weight, easy to move;

2, from the function of this machine power generation, welding machine dual-use, Diesel Welding Machine both can be used for electricity, but also welding machine;

3, use: Emergency use of power rationing, engineering emergency, bridge construction, welding, Diesel Welding Machine 6kw of auxiliary electricity supply for other equipment use;

4, after sale: Manufacturers promise to motor power warranty for one year, life-long maintenance;

5, Packaging: Carton packaging, logistics consignment.

Diesel Welder welding current more stable welding current stability, Diesel Welding Machine small current welding easy arc, welding effect is good, splash small, welding molding beautiful; auxiliary power 220v/5kw Power, the use of electronic potentiometers to adjust the welding current, in the 80-300a current adjustable, low failure rate, easy maintenance.

The diesel welding machine is suitable for outdoor steel structure construction without link fixed power supply can be welded at anytime, another 5kw auxiliary power supply, Diesel Welding Machine can be used for other power supply on site, Welding 4.0-5.0 Electrode