Huishan Environmental Protection Trip —— Passing Positive Energy

Wuxi Lees Power Co., Ltd organized an activity titled “The first station of Lees’ public-minded year-- Huishan environmental protection trip - passing positive energy” on October 29, 2016. This activity is for the purpose of encouraging our staff and the general public actively participate in the environmental protection, to enhance our environmental awareness and make contributions to build a resource conservation and environment friendly society.


Green and clean environment can bring us vigor and energy. Lees Power specially carried out the environmental protection trip to promote the importance of environmental protection, to spread "green environmental protection, low carbon life" concept to the general public. This public welfare activity strengthened our environmental awareness in practice.


On Saturday morning, the sun was shining. All Lees staff gathered at the foot of Huishan park, began the environmental protection trip. For the activity going smoothly, Lees staff leaded all the way to pick up garbage, pulled banner, shouted greening slogan. On the way, we introduced our team to the climbers pass by, explained environmental protection knowledge, promoted greening work. When people saw us doing environmental protection, many of them expressed their support to us and signed their names on our banner, some even joined us to pick garbage together. Finally, this activity is a completed success. We set up correct environmental values from the deep heart after this activity.


Through this activity, hope everybody actively takes part in various environmental protection activities with the attitude "protect the environment is everyone’s duty", consciously cultivate the morality of protecting the environment.