LEES Training About Construction Equipment

On January 16th, A training activity about knowledge of construction equipment took place in LEES meeting room. Mr. Zhang—a senior specialist was invited to give a detailed introduction of all construction machinery. Through training, all Lees staff had a general understanding of these Generators  products and relevant knowledge.


To expand the products line and broaden Lees market, Lees decided to add construction machinery series to its existing scope. The newly added type include tamping hammer, plate hammer, concrete vibrator and so on. This act on one hand meets the customers’ various needs, on the other hand fills in the gap that the present business line falls short of. It explains Lees slogan of engineering solutions specialist for all aspects Also it embodies the notion of being customer oriented, optimizing services with one stop pattern. 


The atmosphere of the training was very active, the staff got familiar with these products quickly with the practical cases and vivid description made by Mr.Zhang. All members expressed their own ideas and put forwarded different questions including using methods, specifications, safety problem and so on. Mr.zhang gave all of them the solutions.


In subsequent days, Lees will also invite other industry specialists for more trainings in order to strengthen its members’ ability to solve every problem and provide better services for its customers.