Low Fuel Consumption Of Diesel Welding Machine

Diesel Welding machine features nine phase full wave rectifier welding current stable, splash small welded joints can provide 5KW AC power generation, suitable for work on-site and other power tools using the light weight, small size, with a mobile wheel, easy to move, safe and reliable, Diesel Welding Machine especially suitable for municipal repair or special environmental use in the field.

Diesel welding Machine main features, the main features of the use parameters are: compact structure, light weight, easy to carry, easy to start and so on. The diesel welding machine is also equipped with alternating current output, which can be used as ordinary power supply.

Diesel Welding machine uses: Widely used in highways, railways, factories, hospitals, ships, buildings, shopping malls, schools, hotels, communications, mining, Diesel Welding Machine engineering machinery and other fields.

Diesel Welding Machine Advantages: A considerable amount of oil, in addition to improper use of customers caused by the quality of problems, the general gasoline power diesel engine Two is the most commonly used.

1. Diesel Welding Machine Advantages:

(1), fuel economy, high heat efficiency, Diesel Welding Machine change in working conditions, fuel consumption curve changes relatively flat, low load also economy

(2), reliable work, durable. Because there is no ignition system, the fault is low

(3), the use of a wide range

(4) Low harmful emissions

(5), Fire safety good generator automatic voltage regulator form: SCR, phase, TD1 type of carbon resistance automatic voltage regulation, Diesel Welding Machine individual use of high-power tube

2. Diesel Welding Machine Features:

(1), single machine capacity level is many. Unit from thousands of Watts ~ Guianchi Watts, domestic units of the largest Chichi watts (2), supporting equipment, compact structure, Diesel Welding Machine flexible installation location (water-cooled as long as 34~82l/kw· H Steam Turbine 1/10)

(3), high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption (thermal efficiency 30~46%)

(4), starting fast, and can quickly reach full power only a few seconds, emergency 1 minutes with full load (normal 5~30min) downtime process is short, you can frequently start to stop.

(5), simple maintenance operation, less people, Diesel Welding Machine easy maintenance during the spare time

(6), the construction of diesel generating sets and the lowest comprehensive cost of power generation