New-designed Gensets Were Successfully Delivered To Ghana

As a professional generator supplier, Lees adopts the latest R&D technology. It’s always market oriented and focuses on humanity and environmental protection. Recently, Lees has launched a new product with more fashionable design, it retains the design of forklift hole and lifting ring for  convenient use. Also, the performance of radiation and insulation have been greatly improved, especially suitable for tropical areas.   


On January 1st, 2013, the initial lot of newly designed gensets were successfully delivered to Ghana with models of LSD11-3,LSD21-3,LSD33-3,LSD66-3,LSD6700T included. We produced these machines according to our customers’ tailored requirements with national famous brands Changchai and Yuchai engine. All of the gensets have very stable output which enables the generator provide powerful electrical supply. All the time, Lees attach much importance to cooperation with top leveled companies no matter Changchai with a history of one hundred years or Yuchai in generator business. What’s more, Lees keep good cooperative relationship with these corporations.


To some degree, sales depend on service, only good service can retain customers. Here, the same with Lees, there’s a newly established market service department and the quick response mechanism for customers is set up. Moreover, Lees has a professional group for technical service. All customers’ problems can be solved here with the improvements of the products. Our aim is, where there’s sales, there’s service. We promise to solve all problems in the shortest time.