Precautions For Use Of Generators

How to reduce the fuel consumption of the generator

Generator group diesel engine compression system wear serious, piston assembly error, the body of the joints at the seal damage, oil tank side wall damage and so are the reasons for excessive oil consumption.

First, when the generator oil consumption is too much, you should first check the body and gear chamber cover, wheel side of the broader market, back cover, Generators cover and other connections whether there is oil leakage phenomenon. Such as oil spills, should pay attention to observe the connection parts of the gasket is complete, to replace the damaged gasket. If the gasket is complete, check whether the connecting screws of each part are loose. Loose the bolt with the provisions of the torque can be wrench. If the above parts are basically normal, and the oil spill in the rack position, should be checked on the oil shell, the main inspection site in the same side of the wheel side of the oil side of the shell, mostly because the machine seat screws loose, Generators Under the protection of the oil shell of the corner angle iron to produce long-term wipe, the oil shell through the formation of gaps and oil leakage.

Second, the long-term use of the engine to form the normal wear and tear, or due to improper maintenance of the formation of abnormal wear and tear, will make the diesel engine liner formed longitudinal row marks, bore, piston side clearance beyond the specified value, the piston ring support Small, Generators there is no scraping oil phenomenon. Or because of the inner ring within the oil ring twisted spring open in the oil ring opening position, resulting in scraping oil is not net and involved in burning, resulting in severe oil consumption symptoms, the performance of diesel engine start difficult, exhaust pipe has a clear blue smoke , The respirator is heavily injected. Moreover, the piston should be on the side, in the direction of the assembly when the direction of the combustion chamber to form an inverted state, although it will not affect the diesel engine start, but the oil loss will be very serious, Generators the daily fuel consumption of about 0.5 kg.

Third, the valve duct wear and tear will also burn diesel generator unit oil situation is rare, but according to the introduction of information, but also can not be underestimated one of the reasons.

Start - up procedure and precautions for generator sets

 First, start before the preparation.

Every time you have to check the diesel water tank before the start of the cooling water or antifreeze is met, such as the lack of to fill. Pull the oil gauge to see if the lack of lubricants, such as the lack of added to the provisions of the "static" scale line, and then carefully check the relevant parts of the hidden trouble, such as failure to promptly ruled out before the boot.

Second, is strictly prohibited with a load to start the diesel engine.

Before starting the diesel engine, pay attention to the output of the generator air switch must be in the closed state. Ordinary generators Diesel engines start after 3-5 minutes of idle operation (700 r / min or so) winter temperatures are low, idling time should be extended for a few minutes. After the start of the diesel engine to observe the oil pressure is normal and whether the oil spill, leakage and other abnormal phenomena, (under normal circumstances the oil pressure must be above 0.2MPa) If abnormal abnormal downtime repair. If there is no abnormal phenomenon to raise the engine speed to the rated speed of 1500 rpm, when the generator frequency 50HZ, voltage 400V, Generators you can close the output air switch put into use. The generator set does not allow long no-load operation. (Because the long time no-load operation will make the diesel fuel injection nozzle can not be completely burned diesel fuel, resulting in valve, piston ring leakage.) If it is automated generator, you do not need idle operation, because the automation unit are generally Equipped with water heater, so that the diesel engine block is always maintained at about 45 ℃, diesel engine can be started in 8-15 seconds after the normal power transmission.

Third, pay attention to observe the operation of the working state.

Generators in the work, to have someone on duty, often pay attention to observe a series of possible failures, with particular attention to oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, voltage, frequency and other important factors. Also note that there are enough diesel, in the operation, such as fuel interruption, objectively caused by load parking, may cause the generator excitation control system and related components damage.

Fourth, is strictly prohibited with load shutdown.

Each time before the shutdown, you must first cut off the load, and then turn off the generator output air switch, and finally slow down the engine to idle mode running about 3-5 minutes and then stop.

The following are safety procedures:

First, the diesel-powered generators, the engine part of the operation according to the relevant provisions of the internal combustion engine.

Second, the generator must be carefully checked before starting the parts of the wiring is correct, the link part is reliable, whether the normal brush, the pressure is in line with the requirements of the ground wire is good.

Third, before starting the excitation resistance of the rheostat on the maximum position, disconnect the output switch, the clutch of the generator should be disengaged clutch. Generators The first diesel engine no-load start, run smoothly and then start the generator.

Fourth, the generator began to run, should always pay attention to whether the mechanical noise, abnormal vibration and so on. After confirming the situation is normal, adjust the generator to the rated speed, the voltage transferred to the rated value, and then close the output switch, power supply. Load should be gradually increased, and strive to three-phase balance.

Fifth, the generator parallel operation must meet the same frequency, the same voltage, the same phase, phase sequence of the same conditions can be carried out. Six, ready to run parallel to the generator must have entered the normal and stable operation.

7, received "ready to parallel" signal, the entire device shall prevail, adjust the diesel engine speed, in the instantaneous closing time.

8, parallel operation of the generator should be reasonable to adjust the load, the balanced distribution of the generator active power and reactive power. Generators The active power is regulated by the diesel engine throttle, and the reactive power is regulated by excitation.

Nine, the operation of the generator should pay close attention to the engine sound, observe a variety of instrument instructions within the normal range. Check whether the operating part is normal, the generator temperature rise is too high. And do a good job running records.

10, stop, the first load reduction, the excitation rheostat back to the voltage to a minimum, and then cut off the switch in order, and finally stop the diesel engine running.

11, parallel operation of the diesel engine as a result of the decline in load and need to stop one, should first need to stop the load of a generator, all transferred to the continued operation of the generator, and then a single generator parking method to stop The If you want to stop all the first load cut off, and then press a single generator shutdown.

12, mobile generators, the use of the chassis must be parked on a stable basis, the operation is not allowed to move.

Thirteen, the generator in operation, even without excitation, should also be considered with a voltage. It is forbidden to work on the rotating generator lead wire and touch the rotor with hand or carry out cleaning. The generator in operation shall not be covered with canvas or the like.

14, the generator must be carefully checked after the maintenance of the rotor and stator slot between the tools, materials and other debris, so as not to damage the generator during operation.

15, all electrical equipment within the room must be reliable grounding.

16, the machine room to prohibit the accumulation of debris and flammable, explosive items, in addition to duty officers, without permission to prohibit other personnel to enter.

Seventeen, the room should be equipped with the necessary fire equipment, fire accident should immediately stop the transmission, turn off the generator, Generators and carbon dioxide or carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher.