Quiet Type Generator Compact Structure

Silent generators to introduce advanced low noise generator sets of foreign products developed by the technology, the use of advanced noise reduction technology and new sound-absorbing materials, in line with gb/t2820-1997 and other relevant national standards, Silent Type Generators mute-type generators have been widely used in posts and telecommunications, communications, guesthouses, hotels, entertainment, hospitals, banks, Silent Type Generators high-rise buildings and industrial and mining enterprises and other places of stringent requirements for noise.

The Mute generator unit is also known as the Low-noise Generator set, which consists of a mute hood, a diesel engine, a generator, a control system, a storage oil supply system, Silent Type Generators an intake noise reduction system, an exhaust noise reduction, a power switch and a cable interface.

Mute Generator Advantages: To meet the environmental requirements of the city, the unit when the noise is low, beautiful appearance, reasonable structural sealing, rain-proof, snow-proof, dustproof, can work in harsh environment, fully enclosed box, good security; Silent Type Generators the ventilation in the box is smooth and the power of the unit is ensured; the box adopts high frequency, medium frequency and low frequency flame-retardant sound-absorbing cotton, and the sealing of the keel seal is used to effectively reduce the noise emitted from all parts of the unit; The design fully considers the operator's convenience and safety to the operation of the unit, and the bottom of the box is provided with 4 lifting devices to facilitate the field transportation.

Quiet Generator design More perfect:

1. The whole series Mute unit can be hoisted at the top of the box;

2. The overall structure is more compact, Silent Type Generators the built-in large-scale horizontal silencer, the noise is lower;

3. Eliminate the traditional design of the bottom air inlet, prevent the sundries and dust inhalation, increase the air inlet and exhaust area.