Safe Use Of Diesel Welding Machine

Characteristics of diesel Welding machine:

*, reasonable design, free adjustment. According to different metal materials to choose different discharge frequency, in order to achieve good repair effect. The welding penetration strength is strong, the molten pool is deep, has the arc easy, the splash is small, the current is stable, the molding is good,

*, high-performance automatic alarm: In the overload machine operation, the machine performance is reliable, can rotate, power switch automatic tripping, the motor will not burn off the fatal damage, the machine has a good protective effect.

*, safety and energy-saving technology in the application of diesel welding machine, the use of this technology effectively improve the safety of the welder, Diesel Welding Machine and improve the use of the machine efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, improve its economic benefits.

*, each 0 department has fine insulation protection, use more secure, more assured.

*, with its own power generation function welder, with 5KW power supply, can drive grinding machine, testing equipment, small air compressor, water pump and other electric tools, has a strong adaptability.

*, applicable to the absence of electricity in the field of operation, both the need for welding power supply, but also need power to drive electric tools to carry out before welding groove, after welding grinding treatment. such as the laying of oil and gas pipelines, the development of village, pipe welding, power outages emergency welding, Diesel Welding Machine construction and other users.

The diesel welding machine is designed to meet the dynamic characteristics and static characteristics of the welding process.

First choose the appropriate welding power supply (recommended DC output 400A).

Then design a reliable circuit structure. IGBT can be used as power electronic devices to form a single straight-forward flyback inverter main circuit, Diesel Welding Machine the small power igbt parallel type and two-way inverter arc welding power supply are used in parallel to meet the requirement of large capacity output. The control circuit of the system adopts pulse width modulation technology (PWM), and the PWM modulator adopts the typical integrated circuit SG3525.

The working characteristic of diesel welding machine is to use PWM control mode when welding arc is working normally, the inverter frequency is set to 20kHZ, and the constant-current external characteristic is controlled. The system in no-load time because of the use of voltage feedback control to make PWM modulator intermittent output pulse, intermittent oscillation frequency is low and pulse width is narrow, Diesel Welding Machine not only no-load loss is small, and transformer is not easy to saturation.

The short-circuit process of the welding arc is controlled by a short-circuit frequency, and the short-circuit current is controlled by the diesel welder. The system also uses a small given value and a small pulse width control circuit to make the welding easy to arc, welding arc stable, Diesel Welding Machine good welding characteristics