Silent Generator Has A Humanized Design

The principle of silent generator:

1, quiet type generator into the outlet of the rational design.

The power part of the generator is part of the internal combustion engine, so that sufficient air flow is required during the operation of the unit to ensure the full combustion of the engine and the large amount of heat generated during the work. If the proportion of the near air volume imbalance, Silent Type Generators it will affect the normal operation of the generator, which will lead to high water temperature generator, the power does not meet the rated requirements and so on. The unit for a long time under high temperature conditions will affect the unit life.

2, silence type generator silencer material selection.

The use of special cotton to absorb the sound, which play a silence effect. Silent Type Generators There is also a method, the effect is better, is to take the hole mesh silencer material and silencer cotton combined to deal with noise

3, quiet appearance of the appearance of the generator structure design

Silent generator based on user-friendly design, easy to observe the operation of the unit, can quickly take the manual emergency shutdown, into the exhaust air volume after a rigorous calculation, Silent Type Generators the use of the overall dismantling method for easy follow-up maintenance operations. Rounded design, beautiful.

Silent generator is the introduction of foreign low-noise generator and engine technology and well-designed; advanced design concept, the full range. Products in addition to a series of diesel generators, diesel generating units of the various functions, but also have the following characteristics: low noise unit, the overall compact, small footprint; box all removable structure, the box made of steel stitching, Surface coated with high-performance anti-rust paint, at the same time with noise reduction and rain function; box within the multi-layer barrier impedance mismatch type muffler structure, built-in large-scale impedance silencer. Box structure is reasonable, Silent Type Generators the box with a large capacity inside the tank, left and right at the same time with two maintenance doors for the unit troubleshooting; at the same time in the box on the observation window and the unit emergency shutdown fault button in order to observe the operation of the unit And in the event of an emergency in the crew to stop the unit at the fastest speed.

The characteristics of silent generator

1, the noise standard in line with ISO374.

2, interior with a dedicated silencer materials, built-in silencer to make compact.

3, good ventilation and radiation protection structure.

4, special handling of the box, fully adapted to all-weather use.

5, the reasonable position of the box set the observation window to facilitate observation and operation to do.

6, specially set the shock absorber, Silent Type Generators so that the unit running quiet peace.

7, large-capacity base fuel tank to save the installation and connection.