Silent Generator To Adapt To All-weather Use

Silent generator characteristics, quiet type generating units, diesel generating units is the introduction of foreign low-noise generator and engine technology and well-designed; advanced design concept, the full range. In addition to the series of diesel generator sets, Silent Type Generators diesel generating units of the various functions, but also have the following characteristics: low noise unit, the overall compact, small footprint; box all removable structure, the box made of steel stitching, Surface coated with high-performance anti-rust paint, at the same time with noise reduction and rain function; box internal multi-layer barrier impedance mismatch type muffler structure, built-in large-scale impedance silencer. Box structure is reasonable, Silent Type Generators the box with a large capacity inside the tank, left and right with two maintenance doors, so that the unit troubleshooting; at the same time in the box on the observation window and the unit emergency shutdown failure button in order to observe the operation of the unit And the unit in the event of an emergency to stop the fastest speed to avoid damage to the unit 1. Noise standards in line with ISO374.2. Interior with a dedicated silencer material, built-in silencer to make the structure compact. Good ventilation and radiation protection structure 3 special handling of the box, fully adapted to all-weather use. 4 box reasonable position set the observation window, easy to observe and operate. 5 special set of shock absorbers, Silent Type Generators so that the unit running quiet peace 6 large capacity of the base fuel tank to save the installation and connection.

Low noise silent generator series in addition to GF series or GFZ series of features also has the following characteristics and advantages:

1, significant low noise performance, unit noise limit 75dB (A) (from the unit 1m).

2, low noise diesel generator set overall design compact, Silent Type Generators small size, modeling novel and beautiful.

3, multi-layer shield impedance mismatched sound shield.

4, efficient noise reduction multi-channel into the exhaust, Silent Type Generators into the exhaust channel, to ensure adequate power unit performance.

5, large impedance composite silencer.

6, large-capacity fuel.

7, ad hoc fast open cover, easy maintenance.

Silent type generator characteristics

1, the use of modular design, easy installation, customized according to customer needs.

2, the whole body shell, Silent Type Generators outside the paint galvanized phosphoric acid, the outermost layer of polyester powder composition, strong corrosion resistance.

3, the envelope, strong sealing, waterproof, dust-proof level, rain, dust and other difficult to enter.

4, the unit is equipped with grounding protection, emergency stop button, quick jack, external fuel and so on.

5, a good cooling system, so that the unit exhaust heat sufficient to reduce the noise at the same time does not affect the unit power.

Silent generator advantages

1, small size, easy to transport, beautiful appearance.

2, silent type unit can be high temperature, desert, rain and snow, Silent Type Generators highland mine site and other harsh environments open use.

3, the unit transport convenience and safety of high energy.

4, the unit heat efficient and low noise.