Silent Generators Are Mainly Used In Hospitals And Other Fields

The mute generator has the advantages of small size, light weight, compact structure, beautiful sound insulation hood, simple disassembly, easy operation, excellent performance and reliable operation. Mainly used in hospitals, hotel hotels, communications industry and other fields.

The Mute type generator uses the entire enclosed structure to choose the high quality steel plate, the structure is compact, the appearance is elegant and beautiful, the high-grade, the box interior carries on the noise reduction and the heat insulation treatment, the heat preservation treatment, the built-in muffler, Silent Type Generators supplemented with the high efficiency sound insulation material, specially designed has the damping function

Characteristics of mute Type generator

1, the cabinet uses the cooling production, the numerical control material bends the shape, the them has the exhaust air, the platoon smoke cabin, enters the air cabin, the Operation box, Silent Type Generators the Distribution output box, the base fuel tank and so on;

2, outside the surface of the use of outdoor spray molding technology, Silent Type Generators can be used directly outdoors, cabin in vitro operation:

3, the inside of the box adopts high Cannong sound absorbing material, which effectively reduces the noise of the unit.

Mute Generator Performance Characteristics:

1. Design Ideas

Unit noise Source: exhaust noise, mechanical noise, Silent Type Generators combustion noise cooling fan, exhaust channel noise, inlet noise, etc. take the measures of damping and sound insulation to limit the transmission of vibration and noise, so as to achieve the goal of low-noise work.

2. Exhaust noise Control

Exhaust noise is the most energy in engine noise, the most component part, is the main part of engine aerodynamic noise to suppress exhaust noise, the correct selection of muffler exhaust noise weakens 20-30db (A) above; the exhaust system is provided with bellows shock absorber, Silent Type Generators which effectively partitions the exhaust vibration propagation, and the exhaust pipe in the mute hood is insulated and soundproof, and the operating environment of the unit is improved and the noise caused by the exhaust pipe is isolated.

3. Mechanical noise and combustion noise control

The mechanical noise is mainly caused by the vibration or mutual shock induced by the periodic change of the gas pressure and the inertia force of the moving parts of the engine. Silent Type Generators The combustion noise refers to the combustion noise in the cylinder, and the vibration isolation of the unit is carried out by using the high-efficiency damping pad; closed-mute enclosures (doors and windows are sealed), isolated noise transmission out of the shell outside the enclosure enclosure with high efficiency sound absorbing materials, absorb a lot of noise.

4. Cooling fan and exhaust duct noise control

Fan noise is composed of rotating noise and eddy current noise, the exhaust channel is communicated directly with the outside world, the air flow rate is very large, the airflow noise, Silent Type Generators the fan noise and the mechanical noise are radiated out of the channel to control the noise of cooling fan and exhaust duct design a good exhaust air suction channel: composed of the air duct and the exhaust air noise reduction box, and the sound absorbing baffle of one to several groups; exhaust air suction channel: The effective area of the exhaust outlet must meet the need of the heat dissipation of the unit to avoid the increase of wind resistance and the increase of exhaust noise and the high temperature shutdown of the unit.

5. Air inlet Noise Control

The inlet and exhaust channels are communicated directly with the outside world, the air velocity is very high, the noise of the airflow and the noise of the unit running are radiated into the air channel. Silent Type Generators The Air inlet control filter itself has a certain noise attenuation effect, the inlet channel needs to be sound-absorbing treatment: The combination of inlet shutters + shroud + anechoic baffle or the combination of inlet shutters + noise reduction box is adopted.