Silent Generators Meet Current Environmental Requirements

Silent Generator is the introduction of foreign low-noise generators and engine technology and carefully designed, advanced design concepts, a full range. Products in addition to the series of diesel generator sets of functions, but also mute generator with the following characteristics: Low noise, Silent Type Generators the overall mechanism of compact, small footprint; all of the box is removable structure, the box is made of steel plate splicing, the surface is coated with high performance antirust paint, and has the function of noise reduction and rain prevention. The box structure design is reasonable, the box is equipped with a large capacity tank, Silent Type Generators the left and right is equipped with two door maintenance doors so as to maintain the generator; At the same time, there are observation windows and emergency shutdown buttons In order to observe the operation of the Unit and in the case of emergency units in the fastest speed stop to avoid damage.

With its small noise, it is used extensively. In particular, hospitals, guesthouses, high-grade living areas, large shopping malls and other environmental noise requirements of the site is an indispensable emergency equipment. Silent Type Generators For the high power unit because of its own noise, only the realization of a larger noise reduction can make the unit to meet the current environmental protection requirements.

The Mute type generator set can be placed indoors, Silent Type Generators also can be placed directly outdoors.

Characteristics of mute Type generator

Low-noise diesel generator Sets the series of products in addition to the GF series or GFZ series of functions in addition to the following features:

1, the significant low noise performance, unit noise limit value 75dB (a) (from the unit 1m).

2, low noise diesel Generator set overall design structure compact, small size, novel and beautiful shape.

3. Multilayer shielding impedance mismatch sound-isolating enclosures.

4, high efficiency noise-reducing multi-channel exhaust, inlet air channel, Silent Type Generators to ensure sufficient dynamic performance of the unit.

5, large-scale impedance compound silencer.

6. Large capacity fuel tank.

7, the special quick opening cover board, the maintenance is convenient.

Mute type generator, design more perfect: Mute Diesel Generator Set

1. The whole series of silent diesel generator sets can be hoisted at the top of the box;

2. The overall structure is more compact, the built-in large horizontal silencer, the noise is lower; mute Diesel Generator Set

3. Eliminate the traditional design of the bottom air inlet, Silent Type Generators prevent the sundries and dust from inhaling, increase the air inlet and exhaust area;

4. The Mute box has the independent output switch box, facilitates the connection of the cable (especially suitable for construction, leasing); silent Diesel Generator set

5. Static speakers waterproof weather level higher. Silent Type Diesel Generator set