The Application Range Of Generators Is Also Increasing

The generators are mainly used in important places, and the power outage is instantaneous after the emergency or accident, and the emergency generator unit is quickly restored and extended for a period of time. This type of electrical load is called a primary load. equipment, meters and computer systems with strict requirements for power outages should be provided with batteries or UPS.

The generator is mainly composed of rotor (magnetic pole), stator (armature), rectifier, voltage regulator, front and rear end cover, brush and brush frame, Generators and the function of each part is presented below.

1, the function of rotor rotor is to produce magnetic field. The rotor is composed of claw pole, magnetic choke, excitation winding, slip ring and rotor shaft.

2, stator stator installed in the outside of the rotor, and the front and rear end of the generator fixed together, when the rotor in its internal rotation, Generators caused by the stator winding flux change, the stator winding in the induction electromotive force.

3. The function of rectifier rectifier is to convert three-phase alternating current of stator windings into direct current. The rectifier consists of a rectifier plate and a rectifier diode.

4. The voltage regulator regulates the output voltage of the alternator.

5, end cover and brush assembly end cover is divided into front cover and back end cover to support the rotor, stator, rectifier and brush assembly function. An electric brush assembly is arranged on the back end cover. The brush assembly consists of an electric brush, Generators an electric brush holder and an electric brush spring. The effect of the brush is to introduce the power supply through the sliding ring into the excitation windings. The two brushes are mounted in the hole of the brush holder, and the spring pressure is used to keep in touch with the slip ring.

The function of a generator: a device that converts other forms of energy into electricity. Other forms of energy may be mechanical energy or internal power, such as a thermal generator, to turn energy into electricity.

With the continuous improvement of generator quality and performance in China, Generators the application scope of generators in hospitals, guesthouses, hotels, real estate and other industries is also increasing. Let's share the four main uses of the generator.

I. Self-supplied power supply. Some electricity units do not have network power supply, such as outlying islands, remote pastoral areas, rural, desert Plateau barracks, workstations, radar stations, and so on, Generators need to configure their own power supply. The so-called power supply, is the spontaneous use of the power supply, in the case of power generation is not too large, generators often become the first choice for the power supply.

Second, standby power supply. Standby power supply also known as emergency power supply, Generators the main purpose is that some units although there is a relatively reliable network of electricity supply, but in order to prevent accidents, such as circuit failures or temporary power outages, etc., still configure the power supply for emergency power generation use. Visible, Generators the standby power supply is actually a source of power, but it is not used as the main power supply, but only in the case of an emergency as a relief means used.

Third, replace the power supply. The role of alternative power supply is to make up for the shortage of network electricity supply. This may be in two cases, one is the high price of grid electricity, from the cost-saving point of view to choose the generator as an alternative power supply; the other is in the case of inadequate network power, the use of the network is limited, the power supply departments have to cut blackouts everywhere, at this time, Generators electricity units in order to normal production and work, need to replace the power supply relief.

IV. Mobile power supply. The mobile power supply is where there is no fixed place of use, and the power generation facility is diverted everywhere. The generator is the first choice for mobile power supply because of its lightweight, flexible and easy to operate. Mobile power is generally designed for the form of a power vehicle, Generators has its own power vehicle, but also has a trailer power vehicle.

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