The Characteristics Of The Generator

The four major uses of the generator

With the continuous improvement of the quality and performance of domestic generators, generators in hospitals, hotels, hotels, real estate and other industries are also expanding the scope of application. Here to share the four main purpose of the generator.

First, bring their own power. Some electrical units do not have electricity supply, such as far from the mainland islands, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, desert plateau camps, workstations, radar stations, etc., Generators need to configure their own power supply. The so-called self-powered, that is, spontaneous power supply, power generation is not too much in the case of generators are often the preferred power supply.

Second, the backup power supply. Standby power supply, also known as emergency power supply, the main purpose is that although some of the electricity units have been more reliable and reliable power supply, Generators but in order to prevent accidents, such as the emergence of a circuit failure or temporary power failure and the like, Power generation use. It can be seen that the backup power supply is actually a kind of self-contained power supply, but it is not used as a main power source, Generators but only in emergency situations as a means of relief.

Third, alternative power supply. The role of alternative power supply is to make up for the shortage of electricity supply. This may be two cases, one is the price of electricity is too high, from the perspective of cost savings to select the generator as an alternative power supply; Generators the other is in the case of insufficient power supply, the use of electricity is limited, power supply departments have to pull Gate power, then, electricity units in order to normal production and work, you need to replace the power to be relief.

 Fourth, mobile power. Mobile power is no fixed use of the location, and was transferred around the use of power generation facilities. The generator is the first choice for mobile power because of its light and flexible and easy to operate. Mobile power is generally designed as a power vehicle in the form of a self-powered vehicle and a trailer powered vehicle.

The four main uses of the above generators are generated at different stages of social development. can provide 3KW ~ 250KW various specifications of ordinary, automated, four protection, automatic switching, Generators low noise and mobile and other high-quality, low-power generating units, to meet all the customer's electricity needs.

The operating characteristics of the generator:

The operating characteristics of the generator are five characteristics: no load characteristics, short circuit characteristics, load characteristics, Generators external characteristics and adjustment characteristics. External characteristics and adjustment characteristics are the main operating characteristics, according to these characteristics, you can determine the normal operation of the generator in order to timely adjustment to ensure high-quality safe power generation. The no-load characteristic, Generators short-circuit characteristic and load characteristic are the characteristics of the basic performance of the generator. It is used to measure and calculate the basic parameters of the generator.