The First Edition Of LEES VISION Was Successfully Launched

Corporate culture has always been the soul through out the development of a company. It’s the core source of competitiveness, combination and fighting force for an enterprise. Also, it plays an active role in strengthening and expanding business.With everything updating everyday, corporate newspaper becomes the most important factor of cultural transmission as the newspapers open a door for company image and its development. Lees has always been dedicated to corporate culture promotion. Accordingly, A monthly newspaper LEES VISION was established in January, 2013.

The successful establishment of LEES VISION comes from all efforts of all Lees staff. All contents focus on company development. Every member here can display their own talents. The staff deliver their articles before 20th each month and composition is made at the end of every month. With subsequent finished work, all members can get one for internal communication.

Since the first edition was established, it has well been received among Lees staff. It plays an important part in cultivating the culture into the heart of every staff. Moreover it provides access to prompt communication from within and the exact message delivery from the leadership-ment.