The Generator Uses A Stationary Rectifier

Generator in order to achieve energy conversion, the need for a DC magnetic field and produce the magnetic field of the DC current, known as the generator excitation current. According to the supply of excitation current, usually from other power supply excitation current generator, known as the generator generator, Generators from the generator itself to obtain excitation power, is called self-excitation generator.

Some of the generators use AC exciter to provide excitation current. AC exciter is also installed in the generator shaft, the output of the AC current rectifier after the generator rotor excitation, this time, the generator excitation method is his excitation method, and because the use of static rectifier device, Generators it is also known as For his excitation static excitation, AC auxiliary exciter to provide excitation current.

Generator maintenance - generator maintenance matters

Proper maintenance of the generator, especially preventive maintenance, is the most economical maintenance, is to extend the life of the generator and reduce the cost of the key. First of all, must do a good job in the process of daily use of the generator, according to the situation reflected, Generators in time to do the necessary adjustments and repairs. According to this and refer to the use of maintenance instructions for the generator content, special work and experience, to develop a different maintenance schedule. The following will introduce the daily maintenance and maintenance of generators.

Generator maintenance program:

Class A maintenance

One day daily

1) Check generator work daily.

2) Check the generator: oil plane, coolant plane.

3) check whether the motor damage, Generators blending, belt relaxation or wear.

Second, every week:

1) Repeat the daily A-level check.

2) Check the air cleaner, clean or replace the air cleaner core

3) Release water or deposits from fuel tanks and fuel filters.

4) Check the water filter.

5) Check the starting battery.

6) Start the generator and check for any impact.

7) with air gun and water cooler front and rear heat sink. Generators The following are the same as the "

Class B maintenance

1) Repeat Class A daily and weekly checks.

2) Replace the generator oil. (Oil replacement period of 250 hours or a month)

3) Replace the oil filter. (Oil filter replacement cycle is 250 hours or a month)

4) Replace the fuel filter cartridge. (Replacement period of 250 hours or a month)

5) Replace the coolant or check the coolant. (Water filter replacement cycle is 250-300 hours, Generators in the cooling system plus

Note Supplementary Coolant DCA)

6) Clean or replace the air filter. (Air filter replacement cycle is 500-600 hours)

Class C maintenance

1) Replace the diesel filter, oil filter, water filter, replace the water tank and oil.

2) adjust the fan belt tightness.

3) Check the supercharger.

4) Demolition, inspection and cleaning PT pump, actuator.

5) open the rocker chamber cover, check the Ding plate, valve guide and into the exhaust valve.

6) adjust the nozzle lift; adjust the valve clearance.

7) Check the charging generator.