The Mute Type Generator Has The Humanized Design

Silent Generator is the introduction of the absorption of foreign low noise generator set advanced technology and developed a new series of products, the product in line with gb/t2820-1997 or gb12786-91 national standards, and has been put in bulk market. With a significant low noise performance, multilayer shielding impedance mismatch enclosures, reducing the noise caused by the user's impact. Large-capacity fuel tank, Silent Type Generators the special quick opening cover plate, maintenance convenience and so on. Low noise power station diesel Generator set adopts isolation, silencing, sound insulation, sound-absorbing and other noise reduction measures, which makes its noisy index greatly reduced.

Characteristics of mute Type generator

1, the significant low noise performance, the unit noise limit value 75dB (A) (from the unit 1m).

2, low noise diesel Generator set overall design structure compact, small size, Silent Type Generators novel and beautiful shape.

3. Multilayer shielding impedance mismatch sound-isolating enclosures.

4, high efficiency noise-reducing multi-channel exhaust, inlet air channel, Silent Type Generators to ensure sufficient dynamic performance of the unit.

5, large-scale impedance compound silencer.

6. Large capacity fuel tank.

7, the special quick opening cover board, the maintenance is convenient.

Noise has a great impact on people's health, while diesel generating sets are accompanied by noise-noisy sound, which is seriously sound, while mute generators can reduce the impact of noise on users.

The principle of the mute type generator:

1. The reasonable design of the mute type generator inlet and exhaust outlet.

The power of the generator unit is part of the internal combustion engine, so it needs enough air flow to ensure the full combustion of the engine and the large amount of heat generated during the operation. If the near-row air volume imbalance, it will affect the normal operation of generating units, thus, Silent Type Generators will lead to the generator set high water temperature, power can not reach the rated requirements and so on. The unit life can be affected by the long time working under high temperature condition.

2, Mute type generator silencer material choice.

The use of special cotton to absorb sound, thereby playing a role in silencing. There is also a method, Silent Type Generators the effect is better, is to take the hole-net-type silencer material and noise-canceling cotton combined treatment.

3, Mute type generator's appearance structure design

The Mute type generator is based on the humanized design, facilitates the observation unit's operation condition, can take the manual emergency shutdown rapidly, the incoming air volume passes through the strict computation, Silent Type Generators uses the monolithic disassembly method, facilitates the subsequent maintenance work. Round-angle design, beautiful.