The Sound-proof Effect Of The Container Generator Is Good

The container generator is also the power equipment, but the unit configuration is different, like the mobile generator set, automatic generator unit is the same.

The container generator has beautiful appearance and reasonable structure. Good sealing, closed box, rain-proof, snow-proof, dust-proof, can work in harsh environment, sound-proof effect good lifting convenience.

Container generators are suitable for many industries, of course, such as thousands of watts, Shing watt units, etc. are not suitable for container-generator configuration. The specific choice of users according to the actual work needs to choose.

The container generator comprises a cabinet body and a skateboard arranged at the bottom of the cabinet body, the left end of the cabinet body has an opening, Containerized Generators and the left end of the skateboard is provided with a cover plate enclosing the opening, and the bottom of the cover plate is symmetrically arranged with two pulleys, and the front face of the cabinet body is provided with more than two visible windows, The front end surface of the cabinet body is provided with a generator oil adding hole, and the board surface of the skateboard is provided with a plurality of fixed bars for a fixed generator, the upper surface of the fixing bar is provided with a screw hole, Containerized Generators and the top part of the cabinet body is provided with a matte plate, wherein the shading board is welded with a supporting rod between the cabinet body, and the top part of the cabinet body is provided with a smoke outlet, A connecting part is arranged near the lower end position of the cabinet body, which facilitates the daily maintenance of the built-in generators, and facilitates the observation of the State of use of the generator in daily use.

Container generators have the following characteristics:

1. With the International Container Generator Safety Convention CSC certification, the whole unit can be directly as a standard container generator shipping, Containerized Generators greatly saving transportation costs;

2. The container generator girder adopts square tube manufacture (different from ordinary standard container generator) to improve the mechanical strength of the container generator and to withstand the higher dynamic load of the generator.

3. All hinges, locks, bolts are stainless steel, the container generator installed in the waves, rain-proof intrusion device;

4. The side door of the box is provided to facilitate the daily maintenance and overhaul of the user;

5. Container generators can be opened before and after the user to facilitate the daily maintenance and maintenance of generators and engine radiators; if there is a need for overhaul, the unit can be easily removed from any end of the container generator;

6. The container generator is equipped with two explosion-proof lights/control screens to set up an explosion-proof lamp to facilitate user operation and maintenance;

7. The bottom of the container generator is equipped with the "three leaks" collection system to prevent the engine from polluting the environment with the possibility of "three leaks".

8. The Control Panel and the output switch cabinet are on the same side of the container generator, Containerized Generators which facilitates the daily operation of the user and the output cable connection;

9. The standard configuration has the permanent magnet excitation PMG system, enhances the motor start-up ability and has the immunity to the waveform distortion;

10. Fuel tanks and pipelines, oil emissions, silencers and many other unique design of the place, Containerized Generators much favored by users;

11. Container Generator Box interior has high performance anti-aging flame-retardant insulation materials and sound-absorbing materials, Containerized Generators in the exhaust air to reduce noise has a wonderful design!