200A 300A 400A Gasoline/Diesel Engine Driven Welder / Welding Machine/Welder Generator Set
200A 300A 400A Gasoline/Diesel Engine Driven Welder / Welding Machine/Welder Generator Set
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Product Details

200A 300A 400A Gasoline/Diesel Engine Driven Welder / Welding Machine/Welder Generator Set       

Welding Series Description:

-Integrating power supply and electric welding,LEES power welding series can supply adjustable direct-current and alternating current.

-Optional trailer make Welding series more convenient.

-Welding generator set is high efficient power equipment with the function of welding and generating the same time.

-Direct current welding power, easy to strike ACR. The ARC is stable with little spatter.

-The welding current is continuous and adjustable, which is safe and reliable.

-A wide range of welding current makes it adapt to different welding purpose.

-Provide three-phase and single-phase auxiliary lighting and power supply.



Generator set                           


Rated frequency

50 Hz / 60 Hz

Rated power

50 Hz: 32 kW / 60 Hz: 36kW

Rated voltage

50 Hz: 230/400 V / 60 Hz: 127/220 V


Rated welding voltage

70 V

Rated welding current

400 A

Welding continuous load ratio


Electrode diameter

2.5-7.0 mm



50Hz: 4BT3.9-G1/60Hz: 4BT3.9-G2


3.9 L


Product Advantages:


Small scale, portable and compact design with open-frame, improve on-site transportation and is suit for many working conditions. 



This product is equipped with high quality muffler and can reduce some noise till 77dB, so that will not affact normal life and work. 


(3)One set, dual function 

This one is the advanced product with dual function -generating and welding, The unit can achieve perfect waveform of the welding voltage, no-fluctuating welding current realize high quality welding operation. 


(4)Equip with AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator)-which ensure steady voltage output and protect the machine against the over load-, low oil pressure alarm system, -which protect the machine from abrading-, also it can be installed by electric starting with storage battery. 


(5)All the end of line connection are arranged orderly in the control panel make maintence more convenient. Clear panel and customized sockets are easy to operate.


Our Service:

1)We are manufactory, could give best suggestions to customers.

2)Professional general engineers and technical team.

3)Have spare parts for customers' exchange.

4)100% copper good brand alternator, every spare parts suppliers are choosed extremely stricted, to control the quality well.

5)From engine to whole genset, we test every link of every product, have test machinery and test center.

6)Many spare parts are produced by ourselves, could save cost for customers greatly.

7)We welcome every customer visiting our factory and test our products.