Diesel Welding Generator 35-300A Powered By Kubota Engine With Trailer
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Product Details

Diesel Welding Generator 35-300A Powered By Kubota Engine With Trailer

 This Kubota diesel welding generator set is 2 wheels trailer type with soundproof canopy. 

-Modern soundproof diesel generators are much more efficient and preferable.

-They are quiet and have reduced maintenance costs.

-Soundproof diesel generators are more rugged and reliable.

-Fuel cost per kilowatt produced is low.


Product Parameters

Generator Set LSK300SW3
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Power 50 Hz: 8 KVA
Rated Voltage 50 Hz: 230/400 V
Regulation Current Range 35-300A
Weiding Continuous Load Ratio 60%
Electrode Diameter 2.5-7.0 mm
Model Kubota D1703-E2BG


Product Features:

1) High fuel efficiency: low fuel consumption leads the level of competition compared to other competitors.

2) Have better power to weight ratio, fewer failure opportunities and lower maintenance costs.

3) Advanced design and manufacturing: The engine delivers superior performance and lower cost than competing engines.

4) Excellent cold start performance: optional auxiliary cold starter, improved 6.6 kW starter and intake heater.

5) Excellent performance and advantages: Advanced design for higher horsepower and lighter weight.

6) Large enough maintenance-free battery

7) The package has a thick enough and thick enough wooden casing to protect the generator set during long-term transportation.


Service System:

-First, pre-sales service

Professional engineers provide pre-sales technical consultation and planning support guidance for users, such as unit selection, matching, room design, answering problems encountered by users during use and providing relevant technical guidance.

-Second, the sale of services

Upon receipt of the user notification, we will immediately send a professional technician to the installation site to understand the installation and commissioning of the equipment, and work with the user to do the acceptance work.

-Third, after sales service

1, free guidance installation, commissioning;

2, free technical training and consultation for the user's operation and maintenance personnel;

3, guide maintenance, maintenance;

4, the end user establishes customer files, tracking services, regular inspections, lifetime maintenance;